Crossfit of Fremont


July 11, 2010


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Run away from the cops after getting pulled over! You are giving yourself and the cops a workout. lol

I think taking the time and effort to cook your own healthy food instead of eating unhealthy processed crap also fits into this discussion about laziness

Walk like instead of using the moving sidewalk at the airports. You'll be sitting for the duration of the flight so burn some calories on the way to the gate

When you make a beer run...actually run.

Great WOD, first time doing Bearcrawls, f-ing brutal.

Carry your kids or your nieces and nephews around on your shoulders. Do lunges or run with them. They love iT! and it will burn those extra calories :) Active rest on Sundays!

Thats my old Gym in Point Loma! lol ,I would see people going up it all the time and as I Dashed up the stairs I would yell obscenities and let them know how much they suck at life.

actually, I'd be lying if I said my first inclination wouldn't be to take the escalator :D

Kirsten, I like your comment.

Jor, or chase the penguin off the telly at every commercial!

I'd just as soon save time or be lazy about my chores (don't knock the roomba!) and spend more time actually having FUN, like running around the park with my puppy or playing some pickup or something.

Everyone likes to show that escalator picture around and say how we're all so lazy, but as someone with a family history of bad knees and with knee pain myself for most of my adult life, I would unabashedly take the escalator in that situation. (And then get kicked out for doing olympic lifts, but whatever.)

cook your steak rare so you have to chew it more thus burning more calories.

Go to Ikea and allow them to sell you the wrong couch so you have to load and unload 300 pounds a few extra times. Bitter?

at every commercial get up do 10 situps and 10 push ups

Wash your dishes instead of letting them pile up!

carry your own groceries instead of using the trolley

Freddy I like the one about taking the stairs. Most of the time less than five stories I use the stairs.

Do your own yard work and use an old fashion reel mower to cut the grass.

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