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July 07, 2010


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I've been doing a modified version of crossfit lately and it too has been wrecking me. I don't allow much time at all for rest in between sets.

I'm with you to feel sore and unable to move is a good thing. As I've been doing it more and more, the quicker the recovery times and the less sore I am. :)

DAmn.... 1:30. That's insane!!!

The twins will be there, Angela

Sorry Rob Smith:

500m/ 1:10.5/ 30/ Leo Young/ H M/ AUS/ 1991 Witnessed at Public Club.

-From C2's websight.

Angela, I'm well rested, fully recovered and ready to go on saturday!

Awesome photo of Khalid!

We're on for O-lifting this Saturday at One World from 10 a.m. to noon.

Let me know if you're coming. We're going to be working off of the blocks again.

Call me a leech, but I'm in Denver and have been following the One World programming for about 6 weeks. Got into it after deciding to do a bit more strength emphasis, and I've loved the 5-3-1. Can't wait for the CFFB programming soon though! Wish I could do the deadlift 1RM today, but the available gym has hexagonal weights & no platform...wanna do it legit this weekend with both. Sticking with the met-con I guess.

I cannot thank the staff at One World enough. My strength has skyrocketed the past few months and I could not have done it without everyone. My old #'s in Jan. were 335 Squat, 415 Deadlift, 300 Bench, and 245 Clean. NOW? 405 squat, 455 Deadlift, 335 bench (for reps), and 270 clean. Men lie, women lie, numbers don't! Thanks!

LMAO! That fucking kettlebell owned me all 5 rounds. I had to use athletic tape to attach my hands to the steering wheel to drive home! But it was just what I needed after 3 nights of partying and crappy diet in Vegas.

I'm excited to see what the new strength portions of our workouts will be like. I definitely would like to work more on OH and Front Squats and I haven't been at one world long enough to have much exposure to the jerk and it's variations yet so I'm hoping we'll see more of that.

And as for the met/cons, I suck at running and rowing for long distances so I'm down to do some more of that..

I'M DONE W/PARTYING FOR A WHILE AND the next 2 months will be my time to focus on health and performance.

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