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September 12, 2010


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Yummy-Beef Maki...for sure going to put that on the menu! I'm so hungry-started Paleo today :( cravings of sugar plums dance in my head!!

Alex..terrific job on your lecture on nutrition! Everyone doing the Challenge.. Just remember, anything really valuable takes a lot of effort to attain. The next 7 weeks is just a little taste of the type of changes you need to make in your life to be healthier, Sexier!, and happier. Real change is a lifetime commitment. But there are many benefits to be reaped from your hard work and determination! Good luck to all of you and if anyone ever has a questions and/or just a pep talk, I'm always available!

freddy..beef maki.. all it means is beef in a roll.. it's like a typical Japanese dish called "negihama maki" it's beef wrapped around vegetables and grilled.

In the traditional maki though there is some sugar added in the soy sauce base marinade, so I wouldn't do that. But that photo looks awesome. I would make it with thinly sliced beef.. that type of slicing you'd have to go to an asian market to get it.. The local Korean grocery usually sells it in the frozen section. I would use a basic olive oil and other type of spices that you like and marinade or baste the beef. The asparagus, I would probably steam it just a little so that it cooks evenly with the beef. wrap like a burritto and grill! I'm gonna try and make that!

Hey Freddy,
"Maki" means to wrap. When you go to a sushi restaurant they write "rolls" in English...but either you have sushi over rice or you have it maki style wrapped in a roll..or you can do it paleo/zone sans rice and do sashimi.

As to the Sunday intro class, I thought it was great. In fact, I talked to two of the gals that attended and they joined the on ramp.

I would recommend doing a short brief What is CrossFit? then the skills and then the WOD and then more of What is CrossFit? with Q&A at the end...maybe while doing a short cool down stretching session (or foam rolling?). This also allows everyone to kind of come down and share their experiences with each a real time rather than virtual post times and comments. Just a thought.

Thanks again. Btw, how was the beef maki?

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