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January 29, 2011


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Amazing amazing post! Ex-crossfitter and a big big fan of your work Freddie! Much respect to you for loving and questioning the crossfit mentality with a very open mind.

I agree with Evil Twin. If you told a gymnast that using grips made them a pussy, they'd look at you like you were crazy. They are for most, necessary equipment. Personally, I never tear my palms because for better or worse, I always grip the bar in my fingers. I NEVER hold on my palms. That having been said, If I do a large set of PU's, I do a half width wrap of tape on my fingers between the palm and middle joint. Ripping takes your mind out of the game and focuses you on the pain in your hands. I don't need that. I need my focus to be on intensity. There is enough pain associated with CF without unnecessarily adding to it.

We gymnasts (new and old) use grips for a reason -it helps with grip and saves the paws! Use 'em.

Sidebar rewrite is solid.

Sidebar rewrite is solid.

Thanks for the coaching point Freddy. As a newer Crossfitter I wasnt sure if torn skin was just something you had to get through or what. I feel much better.

I agree with Maria Torture-Fest rocked today.

Like the new side bar. I like things that to the point quickly.

Spot on! That is why gymnasts use grips!
I like the left side bar explanations of what One World is all about!

Ange...thanks for the torture-fest!

Thank you. I was visiting a gym one day and was trying to avoid the blood during a workout and the trainer there told me "welcome to CrossFit..." That's awesome until you can't do your job or touch your wife (they really love dead, hard skin when you touch them!)...

Freddy, being someone who has experienced torn palms...I couldn't agree with you more. When I first began Crossfitting, I believed in the hype...'gloves are for wimps, pussies', or whatever other adjective used to described those that used gloves during their workout. Torn palms are lame and it sucks trying to do everyday activity with them. I could go the rest of my life not having another torn palm. Again, you have said this very well. Thanks for the post. I miss you guys at One World!!

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