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January 12, 2011


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Wait till you do some power clean & jerks with bands or zercher squats from the deck!! Pretty amazing shit.

The powerlifting cert at Westside is pretty badass. I really enjoyed being able to rub shoulders with the best in the world. Considering that the most competitive powerlifters use steroids i dont't consider it a black mark on Westside's record in the least bit. Of all the Crossfit certs i have been too i learned the most from Simmons. Plus he has the record to back it up.

Ken, I am sure you feel safe in your crossfit environment, "crossfitters" dont use gear huh ? I am sure Freddy will have a good time "with all things considered" be careful Freddy, that unholy place you are going to just might change you.

Alex, Amused ? When you are squatting that much weight you want a wide stance. You go wide for extra leverage and also knees do not move forward over the feet ay all, Ass goes back instead of knees going forward.

I see box squats coming to One World in the near future.

Not only that...that is a whole heckuva lot of weight he is squatting there. I think you need a wider base to make that happen. I agree with Freddy that strength training is a necessary step to improve and raise the bar (pun not intended, but..). I also am with Alex...just trying to figure out how to incorporate the Power Hours into my workout cycle. For instance, I did Tuesday's AMRAP WOD at the box in the morning, then at night hit the BS 5 x 5 at home. Next day we did that crazy C&J Complex thing (at least the way Brad and us interpreted it)...that was a Power Hour and a half! Guess I need to chat with Freddy on what combo or cycle works.

Huh. Maybe it's just the angle of the picture.

Alex, don't let the picture fool you. That's a typical powerlifting squat stance. Wide,yes. Toes pointed out, yes. Knees tracking in, definitely not.

I've already seen how boosting strength helps with the conditioning workouts. Just doing "Daisy" last week added 10 to my max pushups. I'm looking forward to when I'm ready to throw in a power hour workout occasionally.

As a side note, I'm amused at how Louie's stance is really wide, his toes are pointed really far out and his knees are tracking inward instead of over his feet. :)

Check out the documentry biggerstrongerfaster. Louie is in it and talks about his steroid use...we could all improve and lift a ton if we were abusing steroids. I'm sure you will have a great trip, all things considered.

I love your programming. I am training at Crossfit Infusion in Puyallup, WA now and they do their own programming, too, but CFOW has the best so far.

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