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January 13, 2011


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Ryan- try crossfit football.....

im primarily interested in strength but do do a little conditioning. would you recommend your power hour 3x a week with a couple shorter more intense conditioning workouts?

Just wanted to say thanks for putting this programing out there. I'm on an east coast military team and a few of us check your site every morning for the wod. Definitely getting stronger w/ the power piece. Thank you.

Maria, even if I had a gym full of Marias (badassness), I wouldn't consider it. Even with your athletic ability has to realize that the one hour timeframe is not enough time to effectively train without risking injury. The needs of the many outweigh the awesome ability of the few. =)

I really liked the previous set up you created: first 1/2hr strength, second 1/2 hour metcon. That worked really well for me.

Ouch, "Shorty Forty" was tough. Maybe I'll try out power hour in a month ... or two.

Great and thanks, Freddy. When I get back from Japan, I am going to try it out. Honestly, having come from following programming primarily, I am pretty impressed with your programming. The last two weeks have been awesome..including the coaching and training.

Excellent post and great programming.

Jor, I answered that in the post. yes, the conditioning workouts are programmed with the Power Hour in mind (or vice versa).

Don't over think it. If you were following for a period of time, this is much easier with better recovery and actual thought put into the programming.

Filthy Fifty or Power Hour? Hmmm?? ;0) Some decisions are easier than others.

Me before I lost my tan. I really need to start tanning again.

You're killing it Freddy. Keep up the awesome posts.

I really don't get why your people don't want to lift heavy. It will make them better at CF!

Okay. So, first of all, thanks for the explanation. Next, I do have questions. If you are going to do, say, 5 days a week, then on week #1 you do 3 of those 5 days with the Power Hour and the other 2 days doing the conditioning WODs. Week #2 you do the reverse? What kind of recovery cycle or WOD cycle should one do and which conditioning WODs do you choose (for example, the one that happens to be that day, thus assuming that the conditioning WODs are programmed with the Power Hour cycle in mind? Do my questions make sense or are these more specific to the person?

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