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January 23, 2011


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Freddy, you are a legitimate comedic genius (the best comedy is 90% truth, after all..) That post cracked me the f up and pretty much made my week.

Robert VanNewkirk
CrossFit Discovery
Charleston, SC

This is good tips to live the life.I give some suggestion for the life like don't think how many time you are live but think how many life in every moment .Live every moment with happiness.

You have found the fountain of youth...start dating a girl half your age. You comment on your site like that of a proud parent....

#7- Don't make a debate out of everything. You sound like a grumpy old

I think the kid comment is true if you don't take time for yourself is where Freddy is coming from.

Oh man..Not Jack :(

RIP Jack

Hang with some younger folks. I am a 59 year old CF trainer at a Fire Department affiliate. The next older guy rhere is 10+ years younger than me. I will never beat those kids in a met-con. Being around those kids makes you think differently though. It will also make you laugh your ass-off; they are a great way!

1. You can't change your mortgage? Yeah you can, and if you're living beyond your means, you should. And for the crappy drive to work...leave the house earlier...less traffic usually.
2. New study shows that the majority of sunblocks cause cancer. Plus, the sun is your best source of vitamin D, and wearing sunblock all the time keeps it from being absorbed.
3. Kids? Ask your Mom and Dad what their greatest accomplishment is...what they're most proud of, and they'll say you. Having kids is the most challenging, loving and profoundly deep experience you'll ever have; but hey...if you're not into evolving while you're here on earth, if your end goal is just to see how much cash you can pile up and how many material things you can stockpile, then by all means, skip the kids, cause we've got enough kids being raised by nanny's right now.
Lastly, the 3 rules for a happy life:
you need someone to love
something to do
something to look forward to
Good post...your heart was definitely in the right place ; )

7. Suicide yourself every day

Be adventurous & spontaneous! Life can get boring if you do the same things over and over again. Don't get stuck in a rut.

Get involved in your community! Take ownership of your environment and help make it the best it can be. When you are happy with your home, it is easier to be happy with yourself. A happy self is more likely to be heathly.

Tell stories! Tell your friends and family about your life. Your stories of adventure, mischief and happiness will keep you forever young, through others.

Have a lot of sex! had to be said. It's good for the heart & soul! ;0)

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