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January 28, 2011


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Eric...I didn't know you were famous!!!!

Freddy, I will never doubt you again! I kept thinking to myself...well, dude, he told you so!!

Nice job today lifters! Maria got her C&J on. (PR) Alex got a big C&J as well. James' C&J is rocking as well as his sexy squats. Adorable Pat is getting his snatch back. And Alex rocked the snatch and killed the C&J!


Lol!! Omg how the hell did you get that? I am going to take a shot in the dark and say Paul from crossfit reaction?

Whew! I was worried there for a moment.

Jason, Different Eric....

Jor, Oh ye of little faith.... I hate to say I told you so, BUT, I told you so! LOL. Every now and then I know what I'm talking about.

9:50. I started with 15s and got to 60 then just did 10s for the rest. 13 total shuttle runs. The suck was worse than I had thought on this one. The cheek to ground made it hard to hit even the sets of 10 in the later rounds. I think you are right. Better to just do sets of 10s and the shuttle runs.

Tennis?!?! WTF Eric?

No worries, Freddy! Made up yesterday's power hour & will probably do this one tomorrow when I don't have tennis to stay fresh for.

Eric, you beat me to the question. I am going to do this one at home. I am thinking 15 reps (10 sets), but let's see if that works.

Eric, 5/10/15 yards. The post is fixed. Sorry!

What are the distances for the long shuttles?

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