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February 05, 2011


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Summer blows me away!
She is such an inspiration! Coach Ange has been drilling us about movement, technique, power and speed. Watching Summer, we realized what Coach has been trying to get us to do.
Watching Oly-lfting on youtube is a good start. But, having a great coach (Ange) and watching Summer puts the icing on the cake!
Thanks GrandMasta and Summer!

Freddy, Thanks for the reply. We follow the PowerHour piece and so shoot for that 2-3 heavy days and 2-3 higher intensity days a week so it sounds like we're doing okay. Been craving more though so we have occasionally added a workout to the powerhour day. Thanks for your reply, posts and programing.

Nice job by the lifters yesterday!

JAMES Y. was lifting some serious deadlift weight and brought sexy back with his squats. PATRICK ("the Adorable") is getting his mojo back with his 70 kg snatch. COACH ALEX hit a new snatch PR (over 75kgs) and will be continuing his climb to a new PR. MARIA (the "less evil" twin) lifted a 40 kg snatch lift like it was a ragdoll.

Everyone got the concept of accelerating through the middle part of their lift, thanks to Coach Summer, who was our guest lifter, and threw an 80 kg snatch up like it was NO BIG THANG and showed the crew HOW IT'S DONE!!!

Y'all rocked it!

Please practice during the week!

3/1 is ideal, but like I've said many times in the past, life makes it hard to stick to 3/1. My feeling is 4-5 days a week is fine. My Games program goes 2 on/1 off/3 on/1 off. My girlfriends training program is 6 days a week, but only high intensity 2-3 days of the 6. I would suggest putting an easy day somewhere in the middle of your cycle if you go more than 3 days straight. By easy, I mean skill work or something heavy and short that doesn't require a clock or a score. Something like prowler push sets or sled drag sets....anything like that.

Thanks for serving our country!

Freddy, being in the military I work out Mon-Fri (most days). Often training interferes so my workout schedule can be erratic. Some weeks I do 5 days straight (we follow your programing with a mix from CF Football), others 3, some 4. With that, my rest days are either Sat/Sun or like last week 4 straight days. I realize this is probably not ideal and was hoping you could fill me in to the impacts of this schedule. Thanks.

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