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April 01, 2011


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I thought I was a huge MBT fan. I have a pair of sandals that I never took off all summer. They just seemed to soothe my back. These tennis shoes have been a disaster for me. To get the proper length I had to get a little bit larger. When I got larger, the heel is entirely too wide and slips. I made the mistake of keeping them, thinking I could use heel grips. I'm now stuck with a very expensive pair of shoes that I can't wear.

Ahhh..Thanks everyone...Finally got a chance to get to a computer....But yup all this definitely threw me a curve ball..One minute I'm having fun jumping and landing some cool flips with my fams, and the next I'm holding my ankle and foot together...All bad...

But Dr. said it should be about a six week recovery and a full 100 % recovery!....So crossing my fingers..Never thought I would say this, but I am so excited to get back into the gym... for now its just upper body workouts and some pistols with my good leg!!

Hey Freddy, I check your blog everyday. There are a couple that I check everyday and they each have there own unique things about them. The reason I keep coming back to yours is that its always original. I love our community but sometimes people are just repeating information over and over. I like that your views on Crossfit are formed by your own trial and error and not just what the new 'fad' is for that month. There are a lot of trainers now and thats a good thing but I can look shit up on mainsite if someones just gonna repeat things to me. Keep it up man!!!! always love the breakdown.

Czar! Heal up fast,buddy!
Spot on Freddy! I had my curve ball last week! I'm still kicking!

lmao what a dummy! its because he has the build of a 12 year old girl.

I've been coming to this site for well over three years now. Not for the programming, but for the EXCELLENT blog posts from Feddy. The orange background is a plus too - I almost feel like I'm getting my daily dose of vitamin D by just looking at the screen. Keep up the great work!

get well Czar!

Oh...and those push-ups SUCKED!!! Have fun tomorrow. Wish I could be there!

Oh no! So sorry Czar! That's horrible. Great post Freddy and be careful on that bike! Yikes!

I'm nursing a tennis elbow injury that has restricted me the last couple months. Once the CrossFit Games Open started, I said "screw it!". I couldn't stand the idea of having to wait another year to participate! I taped up my elbow and have felt great since the first week (well, out of shape and slow, but elbow feels sooo much better) - Not that I recommend not letting an injury totally heal first, btw. My training has definitely suffered since my elbow started bothering me, but in all honestly, but I'm sooo happy I am working through it & with NO cortisone, Freddy (yet) Haha!

So, to Freddy's point, totally sucks not being 100%. I came in with the injury and made up my own elbow-free workouts, but it really bothered me to not be able to do the classes and all the workouts. Some days I didn't go to the gym, because the WOD was one I wanted to do so badly. I know, I'm crazy, but good crazy, I guess. ;0)

Stay healthy One World and don't dump any bikes! ;0)

Damn Czar! I hear you're gonna make a full recovery. Get well soon!
On a side note, just because you qualify under the maximum height and weight requirements for a kid's jumper, doesn't mean you should jump in! ;)

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