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April 18, 2011


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There was a 1.3 hour long video in which Robert Lustig makes a good connection between fructose and obesity. I don't (anymore) agree with the "calories in <> calories out" theory (see the video for reasons). Also, not-obese does not mean healthy.

I blame sugar.

Hey Maximus, you are right. I am lean and have always been this way. Mostly because I come from a long line of fat Mexicans with poor eating habits, high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol and inactive lifestyles.

I appreciate your clairvoyance, but don't pretend like you know me. I'm this way by choice. If you did know me you wouldn't have sent a link to a book.

Forget those words someone wrote for you. Look up from your book and look around man! I've been all around the world and we are fucking fat!

LOL!! , ROMAN!!!

Freddy - Did you even count how many were smoking outside Mayflower???

@ Roman: You could not be more wrong. But it is only you and 99% of folks who believe it.

PS - I bet you are lean and always have been.

#1-The rise of obesity in China(and other eastern socities)is mainly to do western culture influence(fast food).
#2-Look at the very diferent cultures around the world that live the longest and are in fact HEALTHY. From South America, to Japan, to Italy. What do these very diferent cultures that live so long have in common? Answer: There all are HAPPY(less stress) and have a since of belonging(family, community, purpose).
Americans are SRTRESSED! Bad stuff that thing called stress.

Don't let the fact that the place was filled with thin people fool you. China is currently experiencing a diabetes epidemic. Just because people appear thin doesn't always mean they are healthy. People with diabetes, high blood pressure, etc. are not always obese. That food is just another version of a processed gluten gut hurts just looking at it (although I'm sure it tasted great). Clearly, portion control and staying active are key in most cases.


It's the same old story. There's just one secret to weight loss, and there's no way around it.

If calories in > calories burned, weight increases
If calories in < calories burned, weight decreases.


You said it Mike. Americans are disgusting, gluttonous fat bastards who over indulge and engourge themselves at meal time. We (Americans) will look like the fat blob people from Wall-E in no time. PUSH AWAY FROM THE TABLE YOU FAT WALRUS LOOKING PIECE OF SHIT!

Hey Freddy -- Interesting post!

As a Chinese-American kid in the Bay Area, I was raised on dim sum, and my dad still eats it 3-5 times a week. (He's a big Mayflower fan, too.) None of my family members are obese - though I tend to attribute it to their sugar intake being lower than that of most who eat the Standard American Diet (S.A.D.).

But just 'cause my immediate family members aren't fat doesn't mean they're particularly healthy, or that the Chinese are less prone to poor nutritional choices. The Hong Kong government issued a warning about dim sum in 2005, noting its negative health effects. And obesity rates are growing in China's cities, where more than 1/2 the people ages 35 to 59 are now overweight. The rates of heart disease (strokes in particular) are on the rise, too: Columbia University released a study last year projecting that cardiovascular disease and death rates in China will increase by as much as 73 percent by 2030.

But personally? I just avoid dim sum 'cause I've overdosed on the stuff over a lifetime of twice-a-week trips to Chinatown! :)

2 words: "Portion Control"

I have yet to master this ancient art, but apparently it can have drastic effects on your health and nutrition.

My grandma lives in Hong Kong and goes to get dim sum 3-4 times a week without fail. She's 81, does tai chi everyone morning. sometimes with a sword. She must be doing something right!

I vote for more weightlifting days like we used to with Wendler and CF Football.

Dig the dim sum and at Mayflower as well. Same thinking or process as the Japanese izakaya. Small portions done over time and you get filled up so you don't eat as much. Quality over quantity. You eat slow enough your stomach has time to tell your brain it is full, so stop eating. Also, drinking a lot of that black tea (green tea in Japan) helps to reduce the fat and oils of the food and you digest it better, I have heard.

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