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April 15, 2011


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A friend of my put up a link to this on facebook yesterday. Farley keepin' it real.

Looking back on the cartoons I used to watch, I still love watching Tom and Jerry! I used to watch Inspector Gadget, Transformers, Garfield and Friends, and Looney Tunes LOL! X-men in the 90s was one of my favorites, have the whole collection on DVD! I loved the animation back then, very detailed in my view. I used to watch Captain Planet myself, so it's good that someone else used to watch it so I don't feel like a total nerd LOL! If I can pick an element to control, it would have to be water. Good times!

I took photos for CF's Wod 4 at One World today!

Outstanding job by all of the talented, stud and studdette athletes!! You guys/girls were awesome!

Hi-Ku to Lynn and Anna!! Awesome job, girls!

Here is the direct link to the pics i took


I wanted to be an affiliate owner. KIDDING!! I wanted to be an astronaut, or an architecht or something incredible....but you need to be good at math. So much for that. I sell construction equipment now. I used to watch captain planet. Man, that was terrible looking back. It was like Al Gore's culturally sensitive wonderland. LAME-O. Other than that, I loved BraveStarr. An american indian cowboy sherriff on planet "New Texas" with stereotypical powers like strength of the bear and ear of the wolf. Someone PLEASE say they remember this one. Here in TN, i seem to be the only one that remembers it.

My favorite childhood TV show was "Kung Fu". I wanted to be like Kane and wander the earth looking for adventures. He would always say "I do not wish to fight you" right before he started kicking ass in slo mo. Oh well, that didn't happen.....My best bet to follow in Kane's footsteps now is to leave this Earth like David Carradine did.

I wanted to be a trader on the floor of the weird is that?

Since Middle school, I wanted to be in the business world, making hella money! In high school, I still wanted to do something in business, so accounting was my dream. Then it leaned towards finance. While I was in the Air Force, I worked in the Finance Department. Now, I'm a finance consultant at Devry University. I guess I my dreams did become a reality. Other things I thought of was being a chef, personal trainer, and also a priest. I would like to do those things except being a priest now.

I'm a member over at CFSC and just want to say I love your site? Your daily posts are great!



pS hoping to make it by sometime in the future to hit a workout w you guys!

I wanted to be a magician...

Brad, how kind of you to leave out the part about impotence and senility. lol

you're born, you have a bunch of goals and dreams, you don't do any of them, you eat a lot of mexican food, then you die.
quote from joe bob briggs

revisiting He-Man and Thundercats as an adult, I realized how homo-erotic the whole thing was lol. Think about it, when He-Man's not wearing a fur thong, he's wearing a pink shirt as his alter-ego Prince Adam. LOLOL. And Lion-O was always in a tiny singlet but there was no Oly platform to be seen. LOL It's a good thing there is innocence in childhood. All I saw then was bad ass dudes that were strong and/or athletic.

To answer the question, I thought I was going to be a comedian or an actor when I grew up. Being so unathletic as a kid, I never wouldve guessed I'd grow up to be a personal trainer.

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