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April 12, 2011


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Jor, I've found that my times improved significantly by coming later in the day. Of course, my evening times are still worse than your morning times.

Freddy, on -as usual!
Its too quiet around the box without you guys -and madam butterfly! is all relative. We wee folks with cloudy heads in the early morning see your times and scores posted...we just go WOW! It is motivating and friendly competitive. Yes, for sure, when the wife and daughter go to their yearly trip to Japan, I plan to hit the night crews when I can. Looking forward to it...of course, we are here in the a.m. welcoming anyone that wants to come as well.

@Jor - killing? Not sure about that. Maybe slightly bruising. ;0) Yeah! You need to hang out with the night crew! Good times!

I saw Alex Cardenas did Workout 11.4 attempt last night. OMG, it looks brutal. GOOD JOB ALEX!

Freddy, Your post are by far the most informative, insightful, and Humorous. Thanks for doing what you do bro. Great post today!!

Okay, and now I am wondering is doing Diane today a good prep for Open WOD #4 or will the HSPUs toast my shoulders too much? Guess I will just have to find out. Here I come Diane!

I have to hope that a combo of the hare and tortoise works. I think I might be able to hare the burpees but I know that I will need to tortoise the OHSs since once again the weight is pretty much a PR for me....especially that many reps!! The whole experience of the Opens has been eye-opening. Not only the form and technique necessary to do the WODs and do them legit but that they have forced PR-level work in the WODs. If I get to the MUs, then I will be just a human pounding those least I can do them..but then again, who knows after those burpees and OHSs???

@Anna you have been killing stuff. Looking forward one of these days to attend one of the later in the day sessions and to do a WOD with you and Maria and Atsushi and John and Alex...and that Raz dude everyone keeps talking about.

Ummmmm...."who you talkin bout Freddy??" BTW, Thanks for my awesome decal!!

I feel slow, but it's not by design ;0) Looking forward to 10 minutes of burpees and maybe a few OHS's, if I'm lucky. Haha!

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