Crossfit of Fremont


April 30, 2011


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Our family watches this is on Hulu.....after we complete a workout and put away our primal dishes...such a good show

BTW, we had another great lifting session yesterday with Mike and Pat.

Mike's homework is definitely paying off and what was previously a daunting 60 kgs for a clean is becoming a vision in the rearview mirror. He hit 75kg solidly yesterday. I feel "A Hundid" coming on quickly!

Pat concentrated on his timing yesterday. And I am hoping he has time this week to do some homework again. It made a great difference in his snatch and I am going to call it now. If he is able to practice a bunch before his next vacation, I think we can get him to at least an 80 or 90 kg snatch.

Great job, guys!

Maria is still getting over some bug and we'll be watching her to help her get her "badonkadonk" back.

No session this Saturday coming up, May 7th, but we will be back the second Saturday in May on May 14th!

Will have to get Chopped in my Tivo list. I think that Iron Chef and Top Chef are both sport. Chefs race against the clock. There's pressure to perform flawlessly. Sometimes there is a team component. Technique is everything. There is a bit more creativity in cooking than allowed for Crossfit, but I assume that you can count WOD stategy as creativity. And finally, there is the differentiator of what I call the "Put it in Yo Mouf" factor. Need I say more?

If it is just like crossfit it is not a sport. You gave the answer away.

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