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April 07, 2011


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If you can smoke and drink while you're doing it, it's not a sport.

It is NOT a sport.

It's a great sport. Body and mind working together. You can ofc call it a game like american fotball, tennis, hockey but then what is sports?


Golf is a sport - the argument of some golfers being fat and out of shape is invalid. Yeah, they might be large, but look at Prince Fielder. He's strong, but fat strong. Yeah, Im sure can throw some serious weights around, but look at that keg he calls a stomach.

Poker is a sport, eff yall! lol.

Golf is a sport.Absolutely.Its a finesse thing,kind of like long range shooting, or Darts. It takes a fine motor skill set with subtle swing mechanics

The 3rd workout sucked!!!

I personally can't stand golf. But isn't accuracy one of the spectrum's of crossfit? As mentioned, marathon running focuses on stamina and weight lifting on strength. With the same logic you can deduce that golf emphasizes accuracy, in a way similar to archery. How about Biathlon is that a sport? Cross-country skiing and rifle shooting; stamina and accuracy.

Is it in the Olympics? Would you consider lawn darts a sport? It's hard for me to say that golf is a sport, however like some have already said, it does take a tremendous amount of skill. And like marathon running, some sports may not be well rounded. Like marathoners are pure endurance-no strength, powerlifters are all strength-no endurance, and golf is like all skill-no anything else. So i would probably lean towards sport, but wouldn't necessarily call the golfers: "athletes".

You bite your tongue, Patrick!!! How dare you compare baseball to golf. You've obviously never played at a high level. Try hitting or catching a 98mph fastball. We're not hitting a ball off a tee and then walking lazily over it.

Yes, there is a lot of standing around, but you're ridiculous if you think it's not a sport.

Congrats on 5 years, Freddy and One World!!!!

Completely agree w/ what Rob says!!

Reminder: O-lifting on SUNDAY at 10 a.m.

We're not lifting on Saturday this week. It's Sunday.

Who's in?

Let's get some homework done.

Golf is a GAME. Baseball is a game. Football is a game. Trying to put the terms Sport and Athlete on every activity from exercising (ala crossfit) to playing pool is either trying to glorify an activity directly, or indirectly by denying other activities the title.

If one's ego requires it, call your activity a sport and everyone else's a game.

On another note, genes obviously play a role in golf. for example: I can run fast, jump high, lift a fairly decent amount... but my eyesight and depth perception is total crap (even with glasses) so I will never be a great ball player in any genre, I'm just not "made" for it.

I am a single digit handicapper and I can tell you golf is not a sport. If you can do it while smoking a cigar and drinking alcoholic beverages....well you get the picture I am sure. Take a look at Craig Stadler (a great golfer) and you make the call

It's more like a skill; like darts or fishing or driving.

Just because Crossfit is not a sport that doesn't mean you can make yourself feel better by re-characterizing legitimate sports as non-sports.

A recent insurance company survey showed that 80% of drivers consider the roads in Ireland are safe and that the standard of driving is improving, but Road Safety Authority statistics show a completely different picture.

It's harder than you think...Like BJJ it's all about technique
You must take into account club speed, wind speed, grip, distance, ball spin, levels of the ground, club type, consistency of the swing and other variables not to mention the pressure and mind games.

There's more to it than just a cart. It's more mental fitness than physical fitness plus you can get behind hot girls and teach them how to swing!

Those drivers who drive away from the scene of the accident – and have more consideration for their insurance premiums than your health – can be traced through roadside camera technology. There is also provision made by the Motor Insurance Advisory Board of Ireland for people who sustain car accident injuries when the negligent driver is not insured.

I think golf is more of a sport than baseball. Walking 6-7000 yards carrying your bag on your shoulder up and down hills etc is more of a workout than playing softball (baseball). If you use a cart of any sort when playing golf what is the point?

Objectively, at that level, guys are training at least 5 hours everyday. Granted that there isn't any heavy physical component, you still have to be focused for 4 hours when playing 18 holes, adapt your game on the go depending on a shitload of external factors. And seriously, there is a lot of pressure to handle at some crucial moments.

Now coming from a former Belgian national champion in golf and a 2010 Games competitor, I can assure you that it takes just as much effort and dedication at high level. It's coming back to the Olympics pretty soon too, and so is rugby I believe! :)

Golfing is an activity not a sport. Similar to power walking.

Hobby with nice scenery, and spikey shoes!

Honestly, I think there only about a half a dozen sports. If someone isn't getting checked, tackled or there is a possibility of getting slashed, then it's not a sport.

But Jason, that's like saying baseball is a I'm gonna get shit for that one!

Definitely a sport, the hand-eye coordination and body mechanics required to hit the ball straight definitely makes it a sport.

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