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April 23, 2011


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When I first started at OW, don't know if anyone remembers, I couldn't even run a 400 without stopping! With just the training at OW I completed a 5K in good time and now am training for a 1/2 marathon. OW rocks!

I actually hate running and now realize I hate it because it is all mental and in my head. Everytime I lace up the shoes for a run, I convince myself that I can't do it or that I will be bored to death....but I push myself to do it to break that mental barrier. The more "running fit" I become the more I am enjoy it and being outdoors and the more rewarding it is becoming hitting new PR's both on distance and quickness.

I think Crossfit and distance running is a perfect combo...why not? win! Plus you get to buy all kinds of shoes!

Also, thanks Angela! :)

I find it funny how people are comparing the fitness of people today to that of our "ancestors". Did you know that the average lifespan of a cave man was 16yrs old. I know 'cause the internet told me so. ;) They died of old age at 30.

Fitness is a matter of perspective and you should tailor your training to what you want to do in life. I say quality not quantitiy. If you want to run ultra marathons and look like Skeletor and live to 120, knock yourself out. Personally, I'd be happy to hit 75 and leave the world with a good looking corpse. :)

Triathlons... now that's impressive... for an IronMan that's a 2.4-mile (3.86 km) swim, a 112-mile (180.25 km) bike AND A MARATHON (26.2 miles 42.195 km) run. Not that I would use it as a "standard of fitness" but still impressive.

The best athletes in track and field are 400 / 800 meter athletes. As has been stated, most everyone who can select the right pace could run/walk a marathon. Same thing with short distance sprinting. Just about everyone could sprint 100m, and with a gut check, 200m. 400m - 800m is all training. Current world record for 800m is slightly over 1:40. That is 2 50 second quarters. TWO 50 SEC QUARTERS!!! One is a stop at the end and throw up accomplishment. Imagine running two. Current world record for 400m is just over 43 sec. There have been mile relay splits timed in 41 sec. That is beyond comprehension. Those guys push the limits of human endeavor everytime they walk on a track. Distance races now days are about tactics. No one runs all out in a 5,000 - 10,000 race. It is about who has the best sprint after running 3 - 6 miles. Middle distance sprinters are the best athletes, hands down...

"There were no sprinters over the age of 40 because the training of a sprinter is too hard on the body"

@Dan: Having done both, I'd say distance training is harder on your body, than sprinting. I know so many people sidelined with plantar fasciitis and stress fractures from distance ad nauseum!!! I train with a real fast(and sucessful) masters sprinter, and he doesn't suffer the injury rate of my distance brethren. YOU need to shift that paradigm a bit(the one that says only the young can go fast).

Cheers Freddy.


I hate Fran even more than I hate

Love all your comments bro.=)

It sounds you like running...keep it up...
I acknowledge that our ancestors did some sort of steady-state, low-intensity activity from time to time, but this probably did not resemble training in Saucony's. It was probably more like looong walks...but I'm no anthropologist.
Your experience with injuries in CF compared to running is the opposite of mine...anecdote.
Comparing your experience with noticing that there were no sprint competitors over 40 doesn't really show anything. The salient point is that most competetive distance runners tend to be understrong and not very athletic.
I won't try to convince you to give up running...I'm not sure you can convince the distance "dislikers" that it is healthy.

Sorry guys but I think your opinions on running are not based on facts and a balanced perspective. I think if you set aside your preconceived notions running would make a lot more sense.

Firstly, I am a crossfitter and I love crossfit. I have also run many half marathons and a marathon and still love running so I do have a balanced perspective.

Here's some perspective on your biased opinions:

1. A marathon is a competition not something you would do every week. Just like you would not normally do 8 wods in a weekend.
2. Pounding the pavement IS unnatural and boring. Get on the trails!
3. A proper marathon training program takes 6 months running 5 times per week with carefully planned progression.
4. Running requires proper technique and the correct shoes. Ditch the inov's and put on some saucony.
5. I have had more niggling injuries in 2 years of crossfit than I ever had in years of running.
6. Crossfitters love to harp on about the paleo diet and how it is our ancestral diet, yet you pay no mind to our ancestral predisposition to certain types of exercise.
7. For several years I trained at a track and field club and I was a sprinter. There were no sprinters over the age of 40 because the training of a sprinter is too hard on the body. There were however many distance runners in their 70's and even 80's still running regularly and in great shape.
8. I could go on and on............
their 70's

Happy Easter to everyone!

We had a small, but good lifting session yesterday with Patrick getting warmed up with OHS and getting a better snatch lift with his knees coming back. Awesome job, Pat! Your hamstrings can thank me later!

Mike's clean is coming along and what used to be a goal of 60kg is now a warmup weight for him.

For those of you with homework, please do the same homework this week and we will see you on Saturday!

PS. I'm not much for running marathons either, Freddy, but will support my gals JRo and Lori in their training to run the half marathon!

on another note, FREDDY!! as of right now the 4th worldwide in the male 45-49 category... even if a couple people have not completed the last workout... you rock man..

Thinking of a marathon just makes my shin splints act up. I run 3 miles 2 times a week and follow the WOD here. 26 miles of running just sounds boring and painful, at least to me. I can barely stand the 22 minutes of the 3 miles I currently run. To each their own.

I'm with you Freddy. I can't stand running distance. 800m is a distance run to me. Pounding away on the pavement for 26 miles can't be good for your, body especially when we get older. Muscle mass loss is a problem enough as we age, then adding this kind of training......not for me.


I'd take that bet on the longevity of marathoners vs. sprinters. Competitive distance running is great if that's your bag, but don't pretend that its "healthy" or that its the gold standard for fitness. CrossFit is all about a healthy balance...its not an irrational fear of disatance. Many CrossFitters are past endurance freaks that have come to realize that strength and GPP are the way to go.

...if you like it, go for it.

You might find some answers regarding the 26 mile thing in "Born to Run."

Dwain Chambers all the way, even if he did get banned for drug use.

interseting that you posted a picture of dwain chambers - he was banned for steriod use.

besides, the test of a marathon should be how fast you do it, not if you can do it. Running a marathon in a fast time is most defintely what I would define as "fit".

I would venture to say that a marathon runner is much closer in physique and athletic ability to our ancestors than a sprinter. I don't think our ancestors were lifting heavy shit all the time, and I'll bet they had no need for a big 1 rep max squat.

Also, its a complete misconception that running is bad for your joints. Like anything if you get off the couch and go to an extreme its gonna hurt. But if you progressivley build up your mileage your body will adapt. Hell, I be willing to bet marathon runners live longer lives than sprinters and are healthier into old age.

I think crossfit is awesome if you want to be generally fit. I also think its awesome to be able to run a marathon in 2.30, sprint 100m in 10sec. or clean 400lbs. its horses for courses and every athlete at the top of his sport deserves respect for his athletic ability and his "fitness" for his sport. whether its specialized or more general.

Crossfitters are so negative towards running any distance over 400m yet they like to perform Fran - its irrational!

See you in the mornin Anna. We stratagize before you go =)

So, open on Easter then? Nice! WOD I come!

I'd posit that neither of these extremes are the MOST fit individual. Better to look at the middle distance athletes(800m-1500m), but even these are subjective. The most impressive individuals to me, are the ones that don't look "pretty", but can do the work. The Infantryman I've worked with in the military, meet this standard more than most.

I rather look like a sprinter any day!

Long distance is more mental than anything else. Anyone can do it. I've never trained long distance yet I'm able to complete every single race my friends rope me into. That is if I don't fall asleep along the way first out of sheer boredom. :-)

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