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June 05, 2011


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Amazing job and absolute bad ass performance.

Chyna, you're awesome girl. And well loved as you can see =)

Only needed 7 seconds more on a 13 minute workout. It could not have been closer.

Regional Workout 6: “Chipper”
1. Ashley Vrieze (12:43)
2. Jenny Labaw (12:50)
3. Laurie Galassi (13:02)
4. Elyse Umeda (13:41)
5. Chyna Cho (13:47)
6. Annie Sakamoto (14:44)

Awesome performance this weekend Chyna it was so amazing to watch you push it!

Chyna, you are #1 no matter what!! We are so proud of you and like what Matt and CraigH said, we all know you should be there!! We love you Chyna!

Walk tall- you are amazing!! Very proud of you.

You're freakin' badass Chyna, truly inspirational!

Better than balloon animals and circus hoorraaayyy surprises!

Chyna, you will always be #1 with all of us. We are so proud of you!

Lots of Love,

Chyna, we at Diablo were very heartbroken by the turn of events for you at the Regionals. Your performances were fantastic as you executed your strategy beautifully. One of our trainers put it best: "there are a hell of a lot of women going to the Games in other Regions that would be far behind Chyna today." The upside is that CrossFit will likely improve scoring & judging rules and procedures and you will definitely continue to improve your fitness - insuring you success and eliminating the possibility for a scoring anomaly to keep you from the podium. In the meantime, we know the truth about Chyna.

You are completely a badass and a goddess! I want to be like you when I grow up. I am so friggin proud of you, CHYNA! xoxox

Great job Chyna!!!

Good job chyna, you were in first place in my book

U did awesome CHYNA!! Ur an AMAZING PERSON!! U are a great person and a COACH!! Ur my FAV. Coach :) Cause of you I am the way that I am in Crossfit!! Real Talk :) luv ya!

Great job Chyna - you are an inspiration to so many.

Very proud of you Chyna! Great job.

I'm just happy you finished "Amanda". =P

Chyna you are an exceptional athlete; determined and with inspirational fortitude. Do not bow down...we are so proud of you!!! Your dedication, perseverance and physical/mental/emotional strength are motivational-thank you for being you! Great work!!

very inspiring performance. too bad they have to break a tie and can't send both to the game.

Awesome job Chyna!

Is there a flaw in the scoring by not keeping all athletes in all Wods? If all female competitors attempted "Amanda" JENNY LABAW would have got a lot more than 10 points. Now an athlete is going to the Games and only did 4 reps in "Amanda." I have no intention of taking anything away from JENNY LABAW because she did great this weekend and deserves credit but this issue happened all over the world. The top athletes after day 2 are almost uncatchable and likewise the day 3 wods are less important.
The answer: All athletes do all Wods.
Since all Wods are different it will always be unfair to exclude anyone from an event.

You're still the best in my book Chyna!

thank you both for the updates!!! Chyna you are inspirational!!!! keep pushing!!!

Nothing to be down about...hold your head up proud. You more than represented and you made us so proud and inspired. I know these are just words in the comment section but I hope you can feel our emotions, pride, and love. ROCK!!

Tough result, but don't you dare hang your head. You were amazing and we are SO damn proud of you!! Next year girl! <3

Chyna! You are my hero! You'll always be #1 in my book!!
Love you lots!

We love you Chyna! You are awesome. You inspired a lot of people :)

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