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June 22, 2011


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Go Spartanburg! Nice job

There is always room for more honey badgers
Crossfit Spartanburg Honey Badgers- 10th Place Dirty South Regional 2011

Highest ranked finish of any South Carolina team.

I'm all for new One World Honey Badger t-shirts. Get on it!

They eat whatever they want! They don't give a shit.

Do honey badgers eat baby ducks?

Great topic for a post, and your opinion is great. I still keep up with your blog and it continues to amuse me. Hope all is well!

The Mountain Man Wysong has never left! Love your lawyer speak. That HB video was completely off the chart. Loved it...

freddy and CHYNA: OWHB shirts and bootie shorts (for fembot) would be it!

I laughed my Honey Badger-Butt off....

I haven't bought a One World shirt yet. But I'd buy 3 One World Honey Badger shirts in the blink of an eye. That may just be my new favorite YouTube video. Great post, thanks for everything.

Oh man...great comments so far! Wysong, I completely didn't realize how this could screw up my chances of getting sponsored by Sierra Nevada. FUCK REEBOK! GO HONEY BADGERS!!! lol

Freddy the Honey Badger is a great idea.

Benson, that's awesome, love the T-shirts.

I like the One World Honey Badger Mascot idea. I'll wear a T-shirt.. here's some ideas on design:

I sponsor Rugby clubs with uniforms with my logo on them. Recently, the University of Oklahoma participated in the Nat'l 7s broadcast on NBC. The "rules" didn't allow my logo to be on the jersey.

Shit happens.

I'll still support my alma mater, and continue to purchase unis.

Crossfit did sell out, but no differently than any other sport. Rugby did this in 1995, to all the same bitching and moaning. This year's World Cup in NZ looks to be the highest rated sporting event next to that "kicking little spotted balls" whatever... As the sport grows, so does my business.

What's your crossfit business? Expand, or die.

When my business gets big enough, I'll put Wysong on retainer, and make him wear whatever I want. Perhaps Freddy's used silk bra and panties set?

The Wysong has spoken!

As someone who was attempting to get a games athlete's trip to the Home Depot Center sponsored by a company that wasn't Reebok, this doesn't come as welcome news. While Reebok and Crossfit may have a mutally beneficial and symbiotic relationship, there isn't anything in that relationship that helps the individual athlete unless they place in the games. In most instances, an athlete needs to be able to dedicate significant training time to the endeavor of winning the crossfit games. In the current model, the athlete risks a loss of capitol, unless, he or she can win the games. However, individual sponsorship can offset this cost. I think that having a "Games uniform" hurts those attempting to be sponsored, because they have much less exposure to offer potential business willing to support them. Even Joe's Automotive Repair Shop from Middle of Nowhere, Idaho wants a little exposure for the money they give to the Games athlete. I just think they are limiting the capability of athletes to support themselves and pursue their goals of winning the games. Look at all the Rogue and Again Faster Athletes that have been able to dedicate more time to winning the games, because they were given some cash by their sponsor and exposure by Crossfit. I think this hurts the less well known athlete from a garage gym.

That being said, if the Reebok t-shirts can be emblazoned with other sponsor logos like a race car...then, I got nothing to bitch about.

I guess in some ways, it's like Golf. The players don't make most of their earnings from winning. They make a living through their sponsorships. I think the Games athletes should be allowed to do the same. Because, while Crossfit HQ may be providing the koolaid, I think we all should be allowed to use our own cup.

Ps. The Honey Badger does not give a shit about Draconian control measures handed down by deluded, overweight, multi-millionaires attempting to micromanage the every-living-shit out of their supposed image. (I fact checked this on Wikipedia)

PPS. dammit! I miss One World!!!!!!

The Honey Badger is just a mullet with claws and an attitude. Its the redneck of the animal kingdom, what!?

"Oh my god, watch it dig...look at that digging" To friggin funny!

Freddy, Balboa's not going to be happy with you stealing their mascot.

But if you ask me, that crazy fucker should be everyone's mascot.

Crossfit HQ sold out a long time ago. CF is a community, but it's the individuality of the respective boxes that help fuel the competition. I think making them wear uniforms may dilute some of that.

Oh geez, this video cracks me up. Yes, I want to be a ONE WORLD HONEY BADGER...

@Jor-I like that too...

"the honey badger does all the work while all these other animals just pick up the scraps"


Love your posts Freddy ... you crack me up!!

Priceless.... On all of it! Seriously if you guys become the OneWorld Nasty Ass Snake Eating Beehive Snacking Honey Badgers where would the REEBOK emblem go? On the white stripe?

crossfit has sold out.

what a shame.

Most of the people complaining aren't competing in the games. The are just the dumb libertarians who frequent the Crossfit boards and claim they are being "enslaved" whenever someone tells them what to do.


While I generally agree with you on “if those are the rules and you want to play stop bitching about it” it’s still not a very good move. In sponsorship signage (branding) only makes a small shift in the minds of people who do a sport, watch a team, or cheer for an athlete. There is a really fine line between making sure everyone knows you’re company is involved and over-reaching which pisses people off. Reebok has done a great job of branding The Open and The Regionals without over-reaching. The journal videos have been great at selling the story of “Crossfit is changing Reebok and Reebok is developing by Crossfit for Crossfit product” which builds authenticity and is much more effective at getting people to consider Reebok. The uniforms are simply not needed because everyone knows they’re involved already; it is a step past the line that will piss people off. Adding the additional impressions of their brand on athletes won’t likely get them any additional brand recognition or brand recall. I used to be in the sponsorship industry and when we would see over-reaching like this it was a clear sign that the team behind it wasn’t being creative enough - instead of uniforms they should focus on ways to further engage with the fans in the stands and the affiliates watching back home. At the Central East Regional Reebok provided a couple kegs of beer. I bet you’d be more stoked with Reebok if you got 2 free Sierra Nevada tickets at the start of each day, courtesy of Reebok, than if Speal sports some Reebok shorts.

Video is priceless.

- dmac

Underground? Counterculture?

Think again. It's big business. I wouldn't call $1000 a pop for 2 days of training counterculture or grassroots? How much are affiliate fees? Not hating just sayin'. Have fun and enjoy the workouts, but don't kid yourself. CF is a business.

Excellent find, Freddy, oh we soooo have to be the CrossFit One World Honey Badgers!!!

"the honey badger does all the work while all these other animals just pick up the scraps"

That is classic.

"Look at that sleepy f*ck!!!"

Honey Badger doesn't give a shit!!! LOL!!!. Ummm..... best post ever.... for content and because this is my all time favorite video!!!

Honey Badger! I love you!!!!

Im Crazy! I dont give a shit!

That crazy nasty ass honey badger! He dont give a shit!

Yeah but some people are exercising for a quarter million. There is a big difference between them and the rest of us. Even haters have to appreciate that you can make big money now "just exercising." It is what it is...

Come on getagrip, just embrace your inner honey badger


"If you aren't a Games athlete, you are just exercising. "

I think you meant, "You are all just exercising!"

So stoked to be a OW Honey Badger. We should make honey badger uniforms! Ahh yeah...with numbers!

For ten million dollars I'll wear a bra all day...

Oh Honey Badger... for a second I thought it was Horney Badger... It all makes sense now.

@Sina - LMAO!! I hadn't even noticed that! Hahhaha - leave it water polo players (and swimmers) to draw attention to the groin in little tiny Speedos.

...and Brandon says he just wants to wear the short-shorts... Maybe when you're trying on bras, he can be trying on short-shorts. LOL

Hahaha, here's the background story on the pic Freddy posted: "Singapore rebuked its national water polo team for wearing swim trunks that feature an “inappropriate” likeness of the city-state’s flag. The trunks, which were designed by members of the men’s team currently competing in the Asian Games in Guangzhou, China, show the flag’s white crescent moon jutting up from the groin area with five stars to the side on a red background."

I think the women are just pissed because they won't be able to wear Lululemon... isn't that part of the CrossFit uniform (along with Chucks and knee high socks)? I bet if Lulu sponsored it, there would be no complaint.

Awesome! I want to be a nast ass One World honeybadger!

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