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June 08, 2011


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Where did the post go? Did someone whine?'s workout wasn't so bad (thank God it was mostly legs)..or rather wouldn't have been so bad if it hadn't been for Joe smoking it in the low 11 minutes and pushing me harder. He was back from his third 400m run when I was just hitting my second set of 25 squats!

This post if EPIC! Gotta love the good ol days of Ultra Marathon Chick! LOL!

On the flip side to your post Freddy, something I always respect is when someone gets in over their head with a workout but they fight through with legit technique and rep count no matter how long it takes. From time to time we have all totally misjudged a workout, but its a true test of character if you stay on the floor to complete the workout long after everyone has finished. I have seen this happen on several occasions at One World and that impresses me way more than a fast time.

Sometimes, I enjoy the post so much that I forget to look at the workout... and then I have to come back and look a second time...and then I wish I hadn't looked...

Hey Freddy, I sooo feel you on this. I just embarrassed one of our culprits in the middle of class the other day. Hasn't helped yet though. May take a few more "treatments". But you're exactly right, once someone develops this reputation, it's impossible to shake. Even if they do turn things around. In the eyes of the other members, they'll never be legit. We run fundamentals classes every week for new members, and I tell all involved that the most important take away from it is not their clean or snatch (because they'll most likely suck at those for a few months anyway) but rather to BE LEGIT. Standards and integrity first, everything else is secondary. I mean, I absolutely hammer all new people with this message. For me, there is no workout as scary as the thought of people thinking I'm not legit.

Chyna, congrats again on your kick ass weekend. If I made the rules, you'd be going to the games.

- Josh from Cadence

LMFAO @ "I can count!" How many letters in the word "liar" biatch??


@Ted - video tape them and they'll get it ;0)

Great post Freddy. Gonna post a similar one on our blog and cite you as the inspiration. Thanks

Leon- CrossFit Elysium.

Love this post Freddy! I've played ball with guys like this ultra chick and it is just laughable. Albeit, when I'm almost vomiting from touch and gos or from a cross fit workout and the low hiker, mean counter is relaxing and acting all cool, I too would want to throw the KB at them!

Mike at CFSC

Integrity and Excellence in all we do. Some of the core values I learned in the Air Force. Even though my times and numbers aren't as high or low as I want them to be, I know that I'm not cheating myself out of a good workout! Plus, I can tell that my performance is improving as time goes on. I do relate to James Y's comment, though. If I lose my count, I just do a few extra just in case LOL!


A few years back I caught myself counting up if I miscounted - "wishful counting". I decided a while ago to just redo the rep when in doubt. I have been much more satisfied with my results this way.

At my box I usually give one or maybe two requests to do full ROM - if they don't comply I write Rx-ish on the board next to their score.

We follow One World from the website at work. Im going to print this post and hang it in the locker room. We have 8 guys in our station and 2 that are either bad counters or super shallow squaters. When confronted they don't know what your talking about. I have to remind the other guys they are shorting themselves with bad counting and terrible form. Everyone else just keep busting your a$$ and get better and we'll leave the weak behind.
Keep up the great work Freddy.
-Hall County Fire Service, Georgia

Bad counters are worse Matt. Poor ROM is apparent to all while bad counting is hard to catch.

Which is worse? ROM slackers or bad counters? One of the guys I work out with doesn't hit his chest on the ground of 1 pushup (if they count for the Army they count) and his squats are laughable (I call em basketball player squats).

He smokes me on my WODs but when it came time for sectionals he wouldn't make a go because there was going to be legit judging. Who cares what your time on a WOD is on any given Thurs. in the gym. What matters is how you perform when the shit hits the fan, in competition, and how good you look in your trunks. Half ass pushups and cheaters suck at all three.

Keep up the strong work Oneworld. Best CF site on the net.

Oh and because of that, let me just thank you to Freddy that he doesn't have on that ipod and we don't listen to The Twelve Days of Christmas...

I'm usually fine until that that Drowning Pool song's chorus (Let the Bodies Hit the Floor) comes on the ipod at One World and no matter what rep I am at I start recounting at 1, nothing wrong with me, 2, nothing wrong with me....

I knew that trail running kook was a fraud. At least the tattoos are real. Or maybe not.

We have one of those! Ultra fit looking, looks like a badass, crushes all of us all the time! Looks over her shoulder when she's writing her time on the whiteboard.... I swear she counts 2-4-6... Last time she smoked us all by minutes and then had chicones to do bicep curls while we were still working out. It took EVERY ounce of my energy not to throw my barbell through her!

The second I started reading this post I was reminded of my last trip to One World and one of the WODs was !!!!FIVE!!!! rounds for time of 500m row an 400m run. I came running through the door on round four totally psyched that I had a crushed my old time by 9 minutes... Then, while I'm lying on the floor panting and basking in my badassness, Freddy says, "wait, that was only four rounds, dude!!!" Total soul crusher, but I still pr'd while laughing almost the entire length of the last 400m run. Good times at CFOW!!! BTW - a little exercise physiology for you: 10-15% of the body's blood suply is circuclating through the brain in a rested state. Compared to only 3-4% during intense bouts of exercise. This might explain why people not only lose the abilty to count, but also start drooling, speaking in tongues, and vomitting during a WOD.

I cant count for shit either but I end up doing more. I would get along good with James!!!! I would do the WOD right next to him so we can miscount together!!!

Hahaha James. That was damn funny.

Eric- I actually wrote most of this post a few weeks ago. I got most of it done, then just didn't finish it and no longer felt inspired to write. Sometimes a rant is like that. Some just flow through the keyboard easily beginning to end, and others start strong and fizzle out....kinda like me in a workout.



I mis-count all the time. My inner dialog goes something like this:

"...FOUR!....FIVE!...SIX!....Okay, four more to go!.....*GASP*....can't...breath....where was I?.....was I on number four? Or was it four more to go?.....CRAP!.....ONE!....TWO!"

Of course, my times are slow as shit so no one looks at my times anyways! :P

Thanks to Krav Maga for starting the idea of having Poker Chips to help out with the counting. I remember miscounting my Cindy during my CrossFit Unlimited days. It was embarrassing.

Every gym has/needs the designated liar.. its standard...
I dont care how long i am out there on the floor.. I will do all my reps, lift as heavy as I can in the workout, and get full range of motion.. cause guess what.. It makes me strong in the end .. and on strength days you cant LIE about your numbers and as a little tiny girl.. I like and enjoy crushing others girls weights or lifting just as much as someone that weights 40lbs more than me..
I love one worlds counters and poker chip idea.. When i visited i saw them counting reps for the open with the clickers and i thought.. dang freddy really is a genius..

Alex, I remember that! lol!!!! Freddy did something crawl up your ass for this post ? lol

I once did filthy 50 in 19:59, no shit I was happy as hell. Then looked at the kettlebell I placed on top of a 24 inch box just before I started that wod. It was staring at me, laughing at me I bet, untouched for 20 minutes and quickly realized I missed 50 kettlebell reps! It happens just own it when it does.

I hope the "ultramarathoner" doesn't follow your posts! ;0) I've heard the stories. Pretty funny.

HAHAHA!!! I can COUNT! ....Now! I count out loud when I can. And lately, I have asked my fellow crossft friends to count for me. (when possible)Thanks Jor, Lynn and John :) And thank you Freddy! I do 5 reps or sometimes 10. Really helps me keep track :)

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