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June 04, 2011


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Good Luck Chyna! What an accomplishment, amazing!!

Go Chyna and good luck.

Finish strong Chyna! Good luck.

Time to dig deep baby girl! We are sooo proud of you already! You inspire me. Auh... Gutsy performance today. You got this! LIGHT WEIGHT!! ;0) <3
See you in the morning.

Rock and Roll, little girl!! Rock and roll!
Nice and easy! Rock steady!
Lots of LOVE!!!

Go get it woman!!

Amelia & Annelisse says "GO CHYNA!" I'm losing my voice from cheering. I'll bring Israel to help out cheer. You are going to kill it Chyna. We love YOOOOOOOUUUUU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chyna you already have made us proud and you are going to continue to do that. It was pouring for that first WOD! But it was worth it to watch Chyna and the others compete. She's going to do great tomorrow and finish it up. We (Saori, Shiho, and I) unfortunately won't be there tomorrow, but we will be there in spirit..yelling "YOU GOT THIS CHYNA"...and this is from Shiho...<3

Go Chyna! (( Freddy - use some Epson Salt Gel for that back of hers!!! ))

Goooo CHYNA! Good luck and kick butt tomorrow!!!! xoxox

Jess n I are cheering u on from work champ! Kick ass tmrw!!

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