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June 13, 2011


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I thank thee that I am none of the wheels of power but I am one with the living creatures that are crushed by it.

Yeah, I think I agree with Eric. "Heretofore unfathomable?" What did our ancient ancestors do when they had to lug a mammoth carcass back to camp across miles of rugged frozen terrain, juice up? I'm not seeing it. People have pushed their bodies to the limit before steroids and modern science, and even Crossfit were available.

With that out of the way, maybe the champ should be the one with the highest attained natural fitness. But in reality, are they natural? What would happen to the sport if half of the champs from the past ended up testing positive. Would people really want to know? When a sport becomes popular and highly lucrative, testing turns into a PR campaign instead of a measure of legitimate achievement.

I am sure that steroids are not as widespread in crossfit as opposed to pro bodybuilding, but the use of steroids and other substance are used in the crossfit community to a certain degree.

This comment is funny
"CrossFitters at the highest levels are already pushing their bodies to staggering limits--heretofore unfathomable"

How do you think SOME, not all crossfit Athletes are able to push those limits ? esp some of the older guy's 35+ ?

and now for this
" If steroid use were as widespread as many are claiming, I firmly believe we'd see more evidence of it (as in people caught)"

People being caught ? who the hell wants to catch them ? the crossfit police? If I know someone is using am I going to call him out and ban him from training ?

I don't mean to come off like a dick, but you truly cant be that Naive.

My stand is, I am totaly ok with someone using if it keeps them in the gym but also Healthy ,yes steroids can be healthy with the except of corticosteroids and they keep the attitude in check. I am not ok with athletes using them in the crossfit games because of the nature of the games "The worlds Fittest Man" , not that the worlds fittest man couldnt be the fittest while using them but more so in my opinion the worlds fittest man should be the average person that has gotten to his natural fittest pontential because the average person prob doesnt use anabolics or anything in that arena.

Oh Shannon.........

I have a bridge for sale :)

I disagree. CrossFitters at the highest levels are already pushing their bodies to staggering limits--heretofore unfathomable.

If steroid use were as widespread as many are claiming, I firmly believe we'd see more evidence of it (as in people caught).

I'm not saying some won't try it in the future, they might. However, if CrossFitters can achieve what they are doing now without it, I'm not buying the idea that sooner or later they'll "have to" use steroids in order to remain competitive.

I didn't even get to say,"Goodbye" to John!!! I'll miss ya, bud! Good luck in Tennessee!!!

@John, everybody knows the average male crossfitter only weighs 160#


I'm a crossfitter and I don't do steroids.. I have the shitty Fran time to prove it. LOL

If you are interested I can sell you undetectable steroids. Its only 1000 and you simply wear it on you wrist.

I once read an article that was discussing the harmful effects of steroids...... one of the arguments for them not being harmful was this - If you take 30 paracetamol you will likely die, if you take 30 of the female 'Pill' you will puke, if you take 30 dbol or similar then you will suffer no effects...... Hmmmm, best lay of the pain killers after training then!!

Fact is that steroids add maybe 5%. The guys at the top would still be at the top if there were no steroids. The testing process is a joke, and the manufactures are constantly finding ways around them. The day crossfit left the "garage" the athletes were using. Its a fact, and it is what it is. Crossfit athletes are competitive and WILL use anything to gain an edge, as will any competitive athlete. As a society we have taken this holy-er than-thou stance against steroids, yet we perscribe drugs for everything under the sun. Whats so wrong with somebody who wants to be able perform at their very best? What about Viagra? It enhances performance. And an 85 Y.O.M. with a raging hard on is way scarier than a guy or gal who uses steroids.

Watch the documentary "Bigger, Faster, Stronger" by Chris Bell.

This reminds me of an old Saturday Night Live episode that featured "The All Drugs Olympics." You can see it here and its WFS:

John Schneider, great comment! It's an interesting thought. If you took the four major pro sports in the US and had a tested league and a non-tested league, I wonder which one would be successful.

I agree that it will happen as a matter of reality. Obviously they work, I mean that's why people do them. I do feel like it does tarnish the sport though.
I don't view body building as a sport, it's competitive modelling. Powerlifting records mean little to me in open organizations. Just like records with suits don't particularly interest me. I'd rather compare raw results in organizations that test for PEDs. I think that's what draws me to sports. Not the absolute edge of human performance that I could never achieve, but amazing performance that I can imagine that with enough hard work and the right coach, I might have a chance at achieving that kind of greatness. So, I don't see the point in comparing myself with people who are using methods I wouldn't use (especially when it's against the rules). At Rip's seminar, he suggested that if steroids were so bad for the game, they should have a drug tested and a non-tested baseball league and see which one people watched. He suggested all people want to see is home runs, but I would definitely watch the tested division, that I could dream I'd have a chance at making. Or that I'd want my children to challenge themselves to achieve that level.

Great post Freddy! Made me rethink twice about hitting up some "Mushrooms" for the South Central regional this weekend - haha!

LOL, Nice come back John boy!

Hahaha... kudos to you Mr. John. That makes total sense!!!! I stand corrected.

Freddy, a ton is 2000 lbs. If average weight of a crossfiter is 180 lbs, then a ton of crossfiters would be a dozen male crossfiters. There were over 12,000 male crossfiters competing in the open so all you need is 1 in a 1000 on steroids and you have a ton.

It's easily a ton, maybe even two tons.

I know crossfitters who use steroids. I know martial artists who use steroids. Some people are looking to slim down, some use them to bulk up. Some do it just so they can recover faster.

Here's the thing. Most of steroid is done in the "off season", so that you can train your ass off. So just because somebody doesn't test positive does not mean they haven't used steroids.

If I stood a chance at competing either in martial arts or crossfit, i'd certainly use them. God knows others are. But I suck at both so it's really not worth it. Plus, they're really expensive.

Good discussion. The temptation to use will always be there for those who want to be at the top level in any sport. The real question is how the sport handles the publicity around users. Baseball vilifies and victimizes those who test positive, while most Olympic sports just sort of sweep the results under the rug and quietly move on to the next eligible athlete. How will CrossFit handle their athletes? Will they opt for privacy when positive tests arise, or will they out their athletes in grand fashion? What's better for the growth and legitimization of the sport?

Mr. John,

You say "a ton", but what is your proof? You single out one incident. I can assure you that not a single person at my gym is on the gear. If "a ton" of crossfitters are using the gear, wouldn't that pan out to my gym also?? Just asking....

There's a ton of steroid use in crossfit. That clown with the mohawk from the original santa cruz box was outed by his ex girlfriend after he kicked her to the curb for the girl from NYC with the big juggs. Vanity causes people to use drugs and there's a LOT of vanity in crossfit. Most of these people wind up wrecking their body with the stuff.

10 am alex. Sorry, I don't know why I am so fixated on

Is the Sunday session really at 9 this time, or is it at 10 like normal?


So if I did a cycle after the games, stacked it over 3 months I wouldnt pop in a test 6 months later. HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM , those that are haters think of how many supplements you buy without even knowing what is in them. If steroids were legal, I'd be on that wagon, but the FDA said its no bueno so alas, I stick to lots of meat, protein drinks and creatine. The strength is coming but man does the recovery take forever.

they drug tested in Aromas 09...where are the results...I have been waiting on that for a long time!

And yes they will be a part of the game...they are already a part of it.

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