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June 02, 2011


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Superb presentation in a matching wrapping. The websites for sale this article is probably not concerned with at all are viable alternatives to rocket fuel. The buying websites process is oftentimes not at all free of hassle and disappointment.

I wish one of the five or six CF gyms in Santa Cruz had your attitude towards clients. I pay great money to have access to the right equipment, I should be able to do my own programming if I'm being safe and respectful towards the class in session. Wish I lived closer to your gym!

That's why you're the coolest! I work out in my garage but I might be moving to a highrise beach condo with no garage. I have been checking out crossfit gyms in that area and none appear to have open gym access. That just sucks and no way am I giving up my hard earned money for no open gym. I wish there was a One World in Long Beach.

I know of a place where if your payment doesn't go through, they'll call you out on it in front of everybody. Well, I don't think it's their policy but it happened.

Great Post Freddy. I meet a former member or current member of yours who came to Iowa and visited us a CrossFit 515 she stated your gym was awesome to workout at. I recently moved to Idaho and opened up my own box and even though we are growing slow we are growing with the right purpose and direction. We are for our members period and if we make something after that awesome. Thanks for this post.

i've known nate since he was a young and fresh 8 year old... what a strapping gentleman he's grown into!


645 Class Rocks!


Knowing crossfitters, I actually believed would be a real site. It's not.

GO CHYNA!!!!!!

Chyna is goina kill it this weekend! Lots of Love!!!!!!!!!!!

Madam Butterfly! Mr. Butterfly!! Erin rules!

<3 my gym! ;0) GO CHYNA!!!!

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