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August 29, 2011


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Crossfit WODs incorporate too much light squatting to develop a heavy squat. Good luck finding anyone who has developed a 500+ squat by doing workouts that require 300 body weight squats or 75 overhead squats with 95lbs day after day. The deadlift is not over trained in crossfit like the squat.

I have always wondered about the "crossfit squat syndrome" as well. Most everyone I knew in my pre crossfit days had a stronger squat then a deadlift, especially the powerlifters. Personally mine are about equal at the moment, low 400s, but for sure I can push the squat numbers up higher easier then I can the deads. Not sure if its a pain thing as crossfitters seem like that sort of thing. Probably related to volume - deads seem to come up all the time.

4 More Days! WHO'S IN? Please RSVP/Sign-up!

If you are still considering joining us on Saturday, for the 31Heroes WOD at One World or for the BBQ/Pool Party at my house after, or both, please sign up! There is still time to register for the WOD at T-shirts will ship all together to the gym after Saturday.

For the WOD, send me a message or write your name on the white board at the gym - I'm trying to find out how many people are doing the workout so I can make sure we have enough equipment.

For the BBQ/Pool Party RSVP on the Facebook invite - Also, it would be great if you could comment on what you are going to bring, so we make sure we have enough food and drinks!

Wear your RED, WHITE and BLUE Saturday. We will take a group picture that will be included in a collage that will be sent to the families of the fallen Navy SEALS. This is what our community is about and I'm happy that we can do a little something for them. I hope you can join us!!

No doubt the "fail" in a deadlift allows you to attempt, and thus likely achieve, more weight than a squat. Failing in a backsquat is always an ordeal so for the most part, we play it safe. My understanding is that you should be able to squat 80% of your deadlift weight so if you're deadlifting 500 and squatting 300, you have some work to do.

I am now inspired. Gonna go do some backsquats!

I like how the governator is spotting the squatter... he's so strong he can just pick it up like a barbell if the dood needs help.

Think you nailed it once again, Squating is brutal and such a mind fuck! A 5x5 at 80% or higher on the 3rd set leaves you searching for excuses to go home. Think you can get strong by doing air squats, not gonna happen... but.....

if you hit a ton of accessory work for the dead-lift, your dead-lift will go up. It's always easier to do a bunch of GHD extensions or good mornings than it is to hit a heavy squat session .

If you Oly lift, you pull a whole lot in the week and your dead-lift will go up, but you still have to add some heavy squats at least twice a week to see any benefits in your squat. I guess in conclusion, squatting heavy is brutal and requires more of a commitment.


It's an interesting question - especially since you have power lifters squatting more than they deadlift.

For one, squatting is a lot more technical than deadlifting. If you have a dude who is just naturally strong but doesn't lift much then his DL will be far ahead.

Also biomechanics is involved. For most weightlifting exercises, having short limbs is advantageous - less distance is need for full ROM. But deadlift rewards long limbs - especially arms. Being good at one tends to exclude the other.


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