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September 28, 2011


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the problem with the Huffington Post is that anyone with a keyboard can become a 'writer'. She is spouting off like she knows a lot, but she probably read a few more Self Magazines through the years than you. The problem I have with many in the fitness industry, the coaches, is that they were neither exceptional athletes or warriors, nor coached/trained exceptional athletes or warriors. Women like this exemplify people who are 'following their passions', who have a sincere interest in health and fitness, but dont really have any street cred, i.e. results. Its best to take people like this with a grain of salt and trust your own instincts.

It is funny because I have been running, jumping, lifting heavy objects, ridding bikes till my legs feel like falling off, climbing ropes, jumping ropes, jumping on and off boxes, pushing and carrying heavy objects, running in the sand, running without shoes and with shoes, etc…. for 28 years. Not a long time but I feel great. I have family members with the same mindset in their 80’s feeling the same. I have friends who stopped acting like a kid (Doing the above listed activities) and they can't take their kids for walks without getting tired, legs hurt, always at the doctor, popping pain pills, back problems from picking up a rubber band off the floor (No Joke) etc... Stop moving and start dying... No Thanks… Work hard rest harder... I take lessons from my 3 year old daughter. I will be the same at 60 years old why would I make plans to slow down. ???? I will still being running and jumping at 65 years old just not as fast…Mindset.

I thought it was a pretty humble critique of what we do. Some people are looking for different things. Some people just want to be able to walk a flight of stairs or play with their kids. It's hard to remember that there are people out there who aren't crazy f*ckers like we are! ;)

Sina...I just cracked up about that and was about to comment on it too!! LOLOLOL!!!!

lol "while doing nate i got kind of dizzy" u need to watch what you say when u do crossfit it's innuendo central.

I have learned a lot at OW. Freddie you are great at providing us multiple substitutions (depending on our goal) when we can not safely do a movement. I try to stretch as much as I can, I think my sitting position at work is causing more injury than crossfit. While doing Nate I got kind of dizzy, and for the first time a bit nauseous. But as Alex mentioned, checked my ego and pull out a box to sub it. I'm not a religious man but ... GBO!

Rob, the writer was not merely trolling for hits to scam advertising dollars. There were no factually inaccurate statements in the article. She watched youtube videos of typical sloppy crossfit work outs and offered an opinion. She has earned enough respect in the fitness world to have a paid column with a popular online newspaper. She's been doing it for 25 years and has seen many fads come and go. She thinks crossfit is a fad and is unsafe. She is making a prediction, not stating a fact.

I am sitting here at home in this comfie chair
in front of this computer how I dare
to rebuttal this claim
that crossfit is insane

but as i put my words into letter
I feel that my back is not getting better
in fact it still hurts
and nothing I do to fix it works

so maybe the dumb bitch does have a claim
and the crossfit we do, just might be insane,
we puke, we bleed and we sweat just the same
all for a chance to land our names on the wall of fame

haha I Felt poetic...... she might be right, we will know in 10 years, but I do know that the programming at ONEWORLD is solid GBO, so this article need not apply to us. My back injury had nothing to do with solid programming and everything to do with the ego.

High intensity with smart rep see it here at OneWorld, be weary of the other boxes who try to lure you into doing 7 rounds of this and that and this and then this and that.... its called anyasshole work out for a reason, beacause any asshole can come up with it. Love yourselves stay at Oneworld.

That is all

Chris Lai? Who's that? ;0)

I agree that if you were to define Crossfit by watching YouTube videos, then Crossfit is not a long-term workout. However, anybody can post things on YouTube. Watching YouTube videos to define something is irresponsible especially for a journalist. If you're going to criticize something, do your research properly. Like most of you that have already posted, most boxes will teach you proper form to prevent a lot of the injuries she's stated. It really comes down to the individual and whether or not he/she adheres to the proper form.

The other thing Freddy has pointed out many times is Crossfit is not for everybody but Hoff is writing this article for the general public. Of course she'll want to get most people to agree with her and what's more agreeable than 20 push-ups, 50 (worthless) crunches, and 30 mins of cardio (where you can talk? what's that like 1.5 miles in 30 mins?). I guess something is better than nothing but something she doesn't note is that most people, especially in America, are overweight. Sure, if you can even do what she said, fine, but if you're going to do that light workout, you'd better dial in your diet otherwise, you'll most likely still be obese and have health issues.

Just my opinion...btw, I saw the 2011 Crossfit games on ESPN2 last night. Wow. I was getting tired just watching it.

Great response to the article Freddy...I think your blog is one of the best in Crossfit. Its such a typical article about Crossfit to drive traffic to the site. Of course all the Crossfit defenders rush to flock to defend it...I really appreciate your grounded approach to CF and how it just another way to approach fitness. Its great to see you encouraging people to get out and try other things too.

Funny thing is everybody always defends Crossfit saying "its never at my box" that has poor coaching or encourages bad form...but yet we see it all the time...Glad to see you are promoting a well thought out approach to Crossfit and Fitness!

Before I started Crossfit I followed workouts in Men's Mags. What I learned was that they all modified the workouts regularly, discouraging doing the same thing over and over again (although usually creating 6-8 week workouts. I like CrossFit (I actually follow MEBB with a modified WOD on some off days) because it is varied, posted so I have to adapt.

The injury issue is a red herring. If you don't push yourself, you won’t get injured. If you do, you might, but this is true for repetitive activities like running and bicycling, or doing something that is poorly coached. A friend had hurt his back at Yoga, another broke his hip falling over on his bike, another with a shoulder injury from swimming laps. I once tweaked my back while asleep. My personal trainer reminded me of how dangerous sleeping can be. Most people die in their sleep. We should therefore also avoid sleeping, bicycling, swimming and Yoga. You could get hurt!

Freddie- going throught the cert, i was horrified at the technique that so many fresh new CF1 trainers displayed. after two short days, we were all blessed with the authorization to own cf gyms but i walked away humbled [even as an expereinced cf'er] rather than enabled. is it good $$$ business for glassman to have 2000+ affiliates? yes. is it the best training for the attending athletes? no. after my cert, i was convinced that cf gyms be owned/operated by cf2 level instructors [similar to the colorado change where PT clinics have to owned/operated by a licensed PT rather than just having an assistant license and/or chiropractic business]. food for thought

Another comment. Before Crossfit I did not think it was "healthy" to do oly lifts, etc and did not think I was capable. I was stuck on what I read in mags and the mega gyms. Luckily I read an article in Men's journal regarding Crossfit. An added bonus is that my mental state is much better. I guess that is what the yoga folks experience!

I'm similar to Freddy, I started five years ago and now I'm 47. I've scaled my workouts a lot since I started. I concentrate more on form but I still get a better work out than a zumba class. I don't dread the same old same as traditional routines. I second Chad's comment above regarding people sliding through life. I went to the LA Fair recently and I bet 70% of the people were overweight and/or obese. That is what will be the fall of America. Lazy azz people taking the easy way in life. I can just imagine the health cost consequence of the fatting of America.

Consider the source. The Huffington Post has never been concerned about the factual content of their stories. They get writers to put forth subject matter just for the feedback, then they point to this amount of feedback when billing advertisers. Let Ms. Hoff be with her preconceived notions, matching spandex, her fitness ball, and her blond hair in bad need of another dye job. Too bad she hasn't been exposed to One World, Unlimited, TJ's, Solano, or any of the other good Crossfit locations.

I creep the blog all the time but rarely post, here goes.

I think she is not really being that critical of crossfit, not more than we are of ourselves if we are having an honest discussion. We already know that shitty technique and butterfly kips without strict pullups etc are bad for you.

I think she is just bringing to light a broader topic: how fit do you really have to be in today's society? 20 pushups modified to the knee if necessary pretty much gets you by until you are 70 unless you are the original crossfit market: military/LEO/fire fighters etc

IMO most people are just trying to slide through life with the least resistance possible and she's simply greasing the groove for them.

If you want to be sweet at life and dominate post apocalypse her opinion shouldn't even be noteworthy.

People who use exercise to prove how tough they are always injure themselves. Crossfit's "men will die for points" mentality speaks for itself. People are trashing their bodies to chop a few seconds off a goofy workout just so they can get a little pat on the head like a puppy. You read facebook pages and people are getting seriously shellacked doing Crossfit. What for? It's dumb.

If you are a professional athlete and you need to push yourself to the absolute limit to keep your job, it barely makes sense to train that hard. Here you have people who are merely showing off injuring themselves so badly they have to go under the knife to have ACL's reattached, shoulder surgery, torn bicep tendons, etc etc. A blown tendon is no joke. That's a costly injury that re-occurs.

She has a point. If we trained every day like the people on YouTube we'd all hate our lives. One Worlders are spoiled because we have EXCELLENT programming. We are the sole beneficiaries of all our Trainers' desire to get better at Coaching. I'll concede a lot of her points based on the knowledge that not all Crossfit Gyms are created equal.

I'm out this week due to work obligations =(

But this article just gave me an arsenal of ideas

There is always a chance of injury in any exercise or sport. For her to criticize crossfit just by the basis of watching a few homemade youtube videos is ridiculous. She has never tried it for herself and is definitely judging a book by its cover. Maybe it seems too intense for her but when you have good and thorough trainers like what we have at One World, people learn the movements properly which prevents injuries from happening.

What an ignorant lady. :)

Any exercise can injure you especially if you have poor form and technique. I've done many different things from swimming, martial arts, classes, and I've suffered a couple of minor injuries because I didn't have good technique and my form was bad. To me, people just mainly focus on the bad things they see. Action speaks louder than words! You have the right to say something after you've tried it, in my opinion.

I read the article as well when I saw it posted on FB. Then I read the comments. I think many of the comments were fair in that they were questioning her journalistic approach in that she was basing her judgement on youtube videos and had never been to a CrossFit gym. On the other hand, maybe she was just being controversial.

The only two CrossFitters I can name that have been doing it for a long time are Greg Amundson and Annie Sakamoto (there are others like Barry Cooper, but I have not followed him). One common thing about Annie and Greg IMHO is there form and technique are very practiced and good. They obviously had good training and coaching from the beginning and the fundamentals are apparently ingrained in them. That makes a big difference. I believe OW programming, coaching and training is doing this as well. I think we will be here years and decades from now doing "something CrossFit-ish" as Chris Stroud put it to me recently. Just my opinion..then again I can't say I move all that great either...but I am working on it.

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