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October 11, 2011


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Been following the CFOW site for a while and have to say something about this one.

More Red Bull seems to give you more heart trouble. Something to think about....

wow....great research. Thanks for the article.
Red Bull doesn't do anything to me personally.

I would love to hear your take on 5-Hour energy drink. I always prefer that to Red Bull.

I mix my NOXplode with Red Bull. I call it a CrossFit Oahu cocktail.

Unrelated factoid. I went to Clemson university and am a huge Clemson Football fan. I found out today, via Crossfit Intrepid's blog that the Prowler as we know it today was first invented at Clemson by the Football Strength/Conditioning coach. I'm bursting with pride on this discovery and proud that Clemson not only contributes to society by turning out incredibly intelligent people with huge alcohol tolerances, but also torture tools like the prowler.

This from Intrepid:

According to Matt Reynolds, owner of STRONG Gym, today’s Prowler came about in 2004 when Clemson University contracted Williams Strength to design and fill their weight room with top notch equipment, particularly with this contraption (originally designed to train football linemen).
Joey Batson, the head strength and conditioning coach at the university had made an early version of the Prowler out of wood for his football lineman to use. He wanted a conditioning tool that forced them to “drive” with low hips. When the crew from Williams Strength talked to Coach Batson about the weight-room project, he showed them the wooden Prowler he had made and asked if they could make a heavy-duty metal version. He was adamant about it having 3 skids, 2 vertical handles that weight could be loaded onto, and a low horizontal handle. Williams Strength took Coach Batson’s ideas, and built the first Prowler 2. The middle skid forced the user to keep their hips low while pushing on the vertical handles, or else it would be driven into the ground.
Some interesting factoids about the prowler:
1. It’s a one size fits all tool: Scaleable for all shapes, sizes, and abilities, the prowler can be used for pulling, pushing, team pull/pushing, and dragging. It can be loaded with for an all out sprint, or piled with weights for what Reynolds calls HASDs (heavy ass sled drags). You can push it for 10 yards or 200 or even up a hill!
2. It’s good for recovery: As Reynolds says,”it can facilitate recovery just as well as it facilitates projectile vomiting” Because the prowler only involves concentric movement (think only the ‘up’ part of the squat or press), you don’t get the same microtrauma to the muscle fibers or delayed onset of muscle soreness (DOMS) that occurs with eccentric movement (the ‘down’). As Joe DeFranco says in his T-Nation article, “it brings increased blood flow, flush out lactic acid, and increase recovery. You can add volume without trashing yourself for tomorrow’s workout (like drinking more booze without the hangover).
3. It’s not super technical: This way, you can just concentrate on embracing the suck. Unlike technical movements like olympic lifts or kettlebell snatches where most of your energy is focused on keeping good form (as it should be), the prowler allows focus on “breathe, dig, repeat.”
4. It’s very effective. More prowler = Better athlete. Period.

Go to California Strength and watch Pendlay and his athletes down at least 3 monsters before noon. These guys are snatching 140+ kilos. I think they qualify as elite athletes.

I just drink lots of Japanese green tea that I bring back from this small tea shop in Onomichi and that actually packs a whopping dose of caffiene (more than coffee) and some other "good" stuff that supposedly has antitoxins or some research done.

I have been drinking a Sugarless Bull every morning for years now and there is a hell of of a lot worse that I could put in my body. I loved your article! Screw those who look down on the BS they read about Redbull, I am sure those are the same ones who think we are a cult and that Crossfit is bad for your body. BTW, you would love the fact my Redbull Fridge is always stocked!

Red Bull & Jagermeister = Jager Bombs

The only time I'd drink Jager is with Red Bull or Rockstar.

take a bronkaid and a vivarin. that will wake you up.

Thank you so much for this!!! I'm so glad that some people are willing to do some sort of research before they draw conclusions about something. You rock, bro!!!

Nice work Freddy, ......and that girl didn't know what the hell she was talking about! While I would argue that Redbull does NOT in fact, "give you wings", there are many, MANY worse things you could drink. This girl probably assumed, that since Redbull isn't on the shelf at Whole Foods Market(where all world-class athletes go to shop), it must in fact, be bad for you. Sigh. Junk science rears it's ugly head again.

Vodka + Redbull = Raging Bull

Unfortunately the effect of this drink on me is a nasty cramp on my leg on any workout. I walk ten paces and cramp.

I trained my taste buds to love Black Coffee. I can even drink it cold.
That wakes you up real fast

When I smell Redbull it makes me think of redbull vodka, gross!

I drink at least one sugar free monster or redbull a day. Been doing so for almost 2 or 3 years. I drink them in place of coffee or capacino drinks. Less sugar and calories than almost anything Starbucks mixes up. In my opinion they aren't that bad for you. Better than a soda and some greasy taco every morning. If they do come out one day and end up being bad for us then I am in grave danger! Lol

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