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October 17, 2011


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One World, Tony told me that it had to get done soon, because he was going to have a major surgery (last week). The prognosis was not good. He might not be coming back. For those of us that knew the situation, it was devastating news.

Traces on the cover text is displayed with the songs of remission in a page and are bitten on the opposite page, none of which are numbered.

Really inspiring! Hooray for Tony and for OW

Fantastic news! Congrats Big Tony!

Big Tony, I'm so happy to hear that! What an inspiration you are! Can't wait to see you soon!

I think the entire Gym Should celebrate by doing a 20K Row ... JK

Here's to living life to the fullest.

Big Tony - That is fantastic news! Best wishes for many many years of health and happiness.

wonderful news, Big T!

Glad you're better brother!!

Three cheers to Big Tony!

That is a wonderful testimony! Enjoy & appreciate life people.

Awesome news!

Thank you, Mr Kool Aid, you have made my morning.

Awesome news Big Tony!

Big Tony = BIG LOVE!!! Prayers have been answered!! SO SO happy for you, friend. Now get to rowing! <3 <3

I'm very happy for you Big Tony! We need to drink to that!

Great news!!! Love you Big Tony!!!

It's amazing what Crossit plus the Zone Diet can do. IT even cures cancer.

Best post to date. :)

Congrats Big Tony!! Cheers to your long life and happiness brother.

We love you, Tony!

I love this guy! I was SO glad to hear the news.

Big Tony! You are my Hero! You are a true inspiration! Your mural at OW saz it all. I love you, little big brother!

So happy to hear the good news Tony!! Here's you staying around for many more years!

Awesome news Tony. CrossFit Redding sends good vibes your way brother. You're in good hands with Mr. Camacho and crew.

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