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October 03, 2011


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You can do the same thing with the Velcro straps.... Put em on loose and twist to tighten and loosen.... But since I love new toys I'm sure I'll be getting a pair of these too!!

We had a great lifting session this Saturday at One World.

Lyn-She's finally got her bump on and is working on getting her arms stronger for the jerk!

Mike-Is hitting 80kg clean and jerks with regularity and is working on getting over the bar

Atsushi- with some homework, Atsushi is in the hunt for a 90kg snatch after hitting a PR of 87kg this weekend.

Jeffrey, I just typed strength wraps in the search bar and it popped right up...

Fair enuff :-) hahaha

ok ok ok grandpa you win, i'll try them and if they suck ill crash in to your bike and make it look like it was your fault lol

I've had a pair for about a month. They are definitely the best wrist wraps I've used (I'm just barely less seasoned then grandpa).

$25 is a the cheapest you're going to find.

Snag a pair.

Oh Joe....

Maybe you should try them before you blast them. Since I've been lifting weights a lot longer than you have been on the earth (you do call me grandpa), I can honestly say these are the best wraps I've ever used.

The only thing I put velcro on is my black leather tennis shoes with no shoe laces, but if you like your velcro wrist wraps, nothing wrong with that.

Lmao take to long to put gtfo here. 15$ you can get wraps that will last u forever and wrist isn't a wrist wrap.

I couldn't find the page on facebook

uuuhhhhh because during a work out the velcro wraps take a long time to put on, and these release and tighten very easily, and WTF does the word real mean here?! A wrist wrap is a wrist wrap, or are you trying to tell me, without the magical protection of the velcro, your wrists cant be protected. You stlll LOL?

uhhhhhh why dont you just buy real wrist wraps with velcro lol!!

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