Crossfit of Fremont


December 14, 2011


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Lyn, well if it were a pink elephant, everyone would pretend to not see it. :)

Hey Sushi! Why does it have to be "White Elephant?" That is so racist!

Hey sushi! Try Target, have some good stuff that's within the price range.

Oh true hahaha

Wilson Goveda sucks my balls...and he loves it.

LMAO! F doc you crack me up!

No one got back to me from yesterday's post. Does anyone know where I can find a white elephant for a decent price? I'd like to come to the party next Thursday, but I'll feel like an ass if I'm the only one without one.

Please spell my favorite people correctly. It's CrossFitters not CrossFiter.

I gotta give to Wilson. Even after getting a verbal beating....he still posted another comment!
If only you show such commitment in working out (any work out!) you may actually find a girl rather than just watching them on the field! don't know any free porn-sites? really?

It's mastUrbates, High School Girl. Please have the decency to spell one of many favorites pastimes correctly.

Come on boys,.... You guys are such guys.

Only Wilson knows that the girls are busy playing field hockey because he masterbates while watching them play and when they are not playing, he visits One World site.

You always know the right thing to say, Freddy!

Your sense of humor is outstanding!! Thanks for making my day Freddy.
(my real name!!)

Not sure about the Wilson's Greatest Hits...but for the Freddy's Greatest Lines this one is in the top 5:

"maybe you should get a girlfriend so that you don't spend time on the One World site in between imagining that the girl on the free porn website is your girlfriend."

That is just classic. Gave me one of the biggest laughs I have had in awhile. Thanks!

Should we start a "Wilson's Greatest Hits"??? I still call BS on the "average" high school girls lifting 500#

I post a ton of funny comments on this blog. That was not my funniest. It was funny though. You are right about that.

You are wrong about the girls lifting 500 lbs though. The girls are too busy playing field hockey to participate in a USAPL meet so your data means zilch.

Where are the free pornsites?


I enjoy the trolls. It's amazing what they can author while typing with only their left hand....unless the are in the mood for "the stranger."

I was going to jump in and defend my brother, but time and experience have taught me that there is no reasoning with a troll. He didn't make a well-reasoned point, trying to open a dialogue, ready to convince or be convinced depending on how people responded to him. He was just looking to incite a response and roll around in the puddle of shit that resulted from it. I'd recommend steering clear of responding to any trolls in the future, Freddy.

This response was still kinda funny, though.

Freddy, love ya brother. You have helped put together a really great place where people come together and better their lives- outstanding!!. At the end of the day who cares about one "bitter betty" has to say... You have done more good in the world then any of these haters can attribute as harm You're bigger and better then this.... Let the 47 year old Harry palmed troll swat at you from his mom's basement. The people that matter know what's up. Carry on!

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