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December 18, 2011


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@Rachel, Freddy's post about scaling and knowing knowing your body was one of the best. As a coach I recognize that 'crossfit' can be a good supplement to running, cycling, swimming, etc. but it has to be done right and with a good coach (ie, freddy). The strength sessions would be the most beneficial.

If you are an elite runner, swimmer, triathlete, etc., strength yes, cf - as a supplement only, but be careful. Many elite athletes, if unchecked, tend to over do and the competitive nature of CF may push them too far.

Just my take

Eric, I appreciate your response. Thank you! Have a great holiday and please be careful out there:-)

Joe, I confused your name with the loser troll guy. My apologies.

Anthony!!! You are a great example of a powerlifter who is not fat =)

Rachel, I don't see CrossFit as a benefit to runners. Shouldn't runners just run? I don't know for sure since I am not a competitive runner.

Papa Bravo- I get your point, but I will take a longer 5k run time to be stronger. I am a police officer and a SWAT operator. Strength and strength endurance will suit me better than my ability to run a 5k faster. Strong translates to a bigger engine. Give me a wrestleror a BJJ at 185# who can lift those numbers and he is going to be a savage on the mat =) IMHO

I am a runner, and I know some runners that decided to try Crossfit as a way of cross training. These were not weekend joggers, but people that run half marathons and marathons. Most quickly decided the Crossfit program’s workouts were too extreme for them. The WODs were making them too sore to do their best running. So they decided to go back to working with a personal trainer.

A few other runners decided to stick with Crossfit and see if they could get used to the workouts to the point they were not feeling so sore. Unfortunately, both got injured doing Crossfit WOD, and as a result, were not able to compete in some races they really wanted to run. After that, they also decided that doing Crossfit was counterproductive to their running goals.

Eric R. I would sign up myself if I did not live so far away. Do yourself a favor and get all the facts straight before you post sometime like that, then come talk to me.

Freddy, not all powerlifters are fat and out of shape. Outside SHW you'll find some very fit well rounded athletes.

Just out of curiosity, I looked at the Squat and the Deadlift from the games last year for men. The average open athlete weight was 185. The average deadlift was 495 and the average squat was 400. In the 60+ men, the numbers dropped somewhat. Weight was 170, Squat was 235 and Deadlift was 323. I didn't run womens numbers but the above info might be useful for anyone aiming for the games this year.

Is Crossfit a means to an end, or the end goal? I'd say if it's a means to an end, then those numbers/poundages are way too high, and extremely arbitrary. Few athletes, competing in track, wrestling, swimming, rock climbing need to worry about these numbers. Indeed, it would be counterproductive. Most athletes understand that a few extra pounds, typically decrease performance, if NOT accompanied by a huge strength increase. My point? Has Crossfit now become a "sport", or is it an adjunct(like we used it in the military:) I like to think of it as a protocol, that will help you get to a new level in your sport. In summary, I think i's entirely possible to be Crossfit "Weak", and yet, an amazing athlete!!!


200 lb snatch is way too low, that is over body weight, sounds right, granted 100kg sounds cooler, bodyweight snatch is pretty impressive
for any weight.

Freddy, just wanted to thank you for the funny yet insightful posts. I have a lot of respect for the way you program and run your gym. I'm in Afghanistan and read your blog a lot and sometimes cherry-pick from your WODs. Keep up the great work, brother.

Joe, if you want to sign up for the White Elephant gift exchange, you have to put your name up on the board yourself. Have fun!

Hey Freddy! Please put my name on the board for White Elephant. I'll be able to make it Thursday. Already have my gift wrapped and ready. See you guys Thursday!

Strict press = to snatch? 200lb press seems nice and strong although 200lb snatch is way too low.

I honestly think that the female athletes are a higher caliber than the men - just because there are more sporting outlets for men. The best male athletes are in professional sports. Women don't have near the opportunities that men do. Therefore, the pool of female athletes is better compared to the men since the male pool has had the cream skimmed off.

Games-wise, the men's times have been better than the female's times in like events so I still think that the female weight is too heavy compared to the men's.

Now if the women are getting better times than the men at the Games, can the men's egos handle it? :)

Haha ^^^^^ Damn it!

Matt, for strength, I would say for average female athletes, 50% works, but 66% for top tier CrossFit Games women is spot on. Chyna consistently crushes all the top male athletes at One World when the workout is scaled 66% for women.

I think the ladies percentages should be closer to 50%. I don't have a huge sample to draw from, but IME the ladies finish about the same time as the men with 50% loads or a hair higher (like 135 men to 75 for women - definitely not 95)

Glad to see that you've been pushing strength training lately. :)

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