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February 15, 2012


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Hey brother, really enjoy reading your posts. Re: knee sleeves, I am thinking of getting me a pair. I started to lightly wrap mine because over the years of squatting I have developed arthritis. I can't even squat the bar without having sharp pain in my knees. I told by a powerlifter to wrap my knees tight when I squat. I found by wrapping tight I could lift a lot more weight. I stopped wrapping tight because I felt I was lifting more than I really could. Where could I find a pair of the blue sleeves?

I don't wear the knee wrap when I pick up heavy things and put them down... But after this post I will be wearing knee wraps when I pick up heavy things and put them down...

Works fine on my cellphone

The link on the right bar for the Reebok gear does not seem to work...

Knee Sleeves Rock! I would not lift without them.

We are o-lifting this evening at 6:30 pm and on Saturday at 10 a.m.

Other only time I use mine are for lunges as well. But I mostly use them to keep my protein shake cold during my workout! They are made of neoprene which is a great insulator!!

I use 'em all the time just to keep the joint warm and especially when doing lunges, but in the last two months I have switched to knee wraps when doing 90-100% on 1RM. The knee wraps are amazing and I have so much more stability, oh yeah and a nice new PR in back squat from 462# to 485# during the last cycle.

bought a pair but use them to muzzle my twin hogs so they wont' chomp at each other.

Here is one of them:

Ya I stopped using mine a while ago as well... mostly because they started to smell and I'm to lazy to wash them

have the same rehband pair....cant squat without them . I don't have any knee pain due to all the mobility bu I enjoy the security and the warmth... the smell after they are used is another thing entirely!!!

Same as Chyna, my left knee always gave me issues. After a few months using the sleeve and rolling out I can now squat without pain.
I can say, I've felt my kneecap do weird things while wearing the sleeve but these things happen...It never bothered me to much.
anyways, I actually gave one of my sleeves to Sandra for her left left knee as well.
Im all for them!!!

Ive never used the knee sleeves, not because I dont believe in them or wouldnt use them, it all comes to being lazy and having another thing to order online, not to mention put on. Its hard enough to put my oly shoes on now a days... GBO

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