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April 11, 2012


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That's one of the things I love about cross fit ,I'm always built up, never knocked down


Awesome Post. Very true! I'm just glad I can finish the workout. One day, I'll do more Rx's but I have to work more on my form and stamina, slow and steady. Love the FX term Brad! Miss you guys. GBO!

Awesome Post!!

Spot on. Well said, well written. Thank you.

Do I come across as pissed??? I wasnt at all. Actually wrote this piece before the Open but never finished it until yesterday. Good luck this weekend.

Who pissed of Freddy?!?!? LOL... Freddy, with your permission, I would like to put this up for RC CrossFit's Friday Blog. I would love my athlete's to see that I'm not the only Coach who get frustrated with "egos"!
Well said brother... Well said!
I'm competiting this weekend at The Next Level Invitational... Wish me luck!
RC CrossFit

well said


Like beezlebump once told me, get strong during the st.rength workouts. For the wod go for speed and reps. Or if you consult your pigin to da max book look up "no act". Sort of like the saying leave your eho at the door.

(Crossfit'r in LA - reader of One World)
I always thought there should be an "Fx" for Finsihed! Majorly scaled--who cares, dead last--who cares, at least I "Fx'd".

Awesome post Freddy!

I think someone in this thread used "brah" in a non-ironic sense.


Hey Chunky Monkey, good post as always. Every day I check OneWorld even though I'm down here in So Cal. You rock as always. I just don't know how you have the time to post each day, workout, work your day job and your duties @ OneWorld. Granted you don't have any rug rats to worry about but your post is always spot on. Your posts are the most relevant and rational than any one. Some sites are all about the Gladiator mentality. You're a wuss if you don't do the workouts as rx'd. That drives people away from working out and bettering themselves.

Thank you Freddy! You always hit the nail right on the head!!! Awesome post!!

you know people have been thrown out of crossfit for saying such things, and I feel that if you try and follow the main site's WOD the only thing you need testing is your head, the reason I read this blog, is it's funny at times, and not afraid to tell things how there are you don't take yourself to seriously and I love that, keep it up man it's one of the first things I read in the morning

another great post,like the advice on the door said "check your ego at the door",simple do your best,and you will avoid self-judgment,self abuse and regret.At Oneworld all the coaches are very knowledgeable,helpfull and caring that the word RX is not so important,is more like a goal to look forward to.After all those who believe they can do something, and those who believe they can't are both right.GBO

I agree with Jack; BEST POST EVER!!! I feel like I should read this daily as a constant reminder. Well written Freddy, and much appreciated!


Great Post Freddy! You said it all! That is why you guys kick ass!

This was a very un-Molly post brah, very well said! We totally agree 100% and preach the same thing to our fact we are gonna re-post this on our blog.

The Rx'd thing can be either motivational or very frustrating, depending on the attitude of the client. It's why we instead try to use % of RM instead.

On a totally unrelated note...WE MISS YOU GUYS ALREADY!!!

We are working on a grid or decision tree that will enable trainer to guide folks in scaling (up or down) based on ability, flexibility, strength, cardio/stamina/ general floppiness, etc.

This is a complex issue for trainers. What we are working towards is a variable yet systematic method for developing broad general inclusive fitness.

I know for a fact that I can "PowerSquatHangDropFlipTossJumpstart" 485 pounds, no matter how ugly my form is and no matter how close i come to pushing my insides outside my "outside hole".....I'll never check my ego at the door!!!

Checking your ego at the door is for the fannies that can only lift 20 or 25 pounds...

i'm just kidding i really can't lift 485 pounds, so I guess I'll be checking my ego too

Posted on Diablo's FB page. Thanks for a great post, sir.

Holy shit Kats......awesome and hilarious at the same time.......

This post just screams my name! I often have to remind myself that Rx'd often may be beyond my abilities. Granted it sucked the day I hit a 155#PR overhead squat then the next day had to watch Chyna do 185# twice, but then I remind myself, up until 3 years ago I had never worked out in a gym or followed any type of regular workout schedule, I have had two surgerys from one of which I still have a metal plate in my neck, and I am at least 10 years older than she is. So of course she will be better than me at some if not all workouts. But it gives me a goal to shoot for, I wanna be fit like Chyna some day.

Beautiful post. Responsible crossfit. This is why I <3 One World.

I like it Lancaster! We'll make sure to play the Rocky song while sporting the belt and don't forget to take a picture! ;0)

Great post Freddy! I absolutely agree. Learn how to move well and safely at a weight before moving up. We do a lot of complex movements that can take a while to understand and nail. At the end of the day, being patient will pay off big time, in the long run. Be safe and smart. Your body will thank you for it.

With that being first couple weeks of coaching have been awesome, thanks to you guys! Thank you for all the support and congratulations! I <3 my OW family! xo

Feel free to take a picture with the championship belt whenever you hit a PR! It's on top of the vending machine.

Awesome post Freddy - GBO

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