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April 26, 2012


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These chiropractic methods are designed to restore the movement and mobility in your joints through a controlled treatment that is applied manually. These movements allow joints that have become restricted in movement to come alive again and regain their mobility.

Thank you Lancaster for the shout out!! We did get that overhead squat up about 35lbs after releasing all those adhesions in your rotator cuff. I can in fact do the exact same thing and probably accomplish it in 2-3 days. With my jiu jitsu family always getting hurt I have focused my studies to specializing in athletes and athlete specific injuries. Even managed to fix up Zvi's knee too. I'd love to speak to and give more information to anyone that is interested. Either contact me or ask Lancaster for the info. Peace!

I met you at my L1 in 2009. I'll see you at regionals. Travis sent me to Judy as well, and I can't thank him enough. From what I've heard, Judy is a different kind of Bowen practitioner, focusing on sports and more. I hear others are more gentle, but I'm not sure that's what guys like you and I need (I'm 35, and I'm trying to compete at an elite level.) I am looking into other Bowen specialists, but I will travel from the Modesto area to see Judy and here staff regularly, because I think they're that with it.
Brian Huberty, CrossFit Oakdale

sounds like voodoo

WHY YOU ARE NOT EATING LIKE A CAVEMAN PART 2: Do you really think cavemen found a berry bush or a fruit tree and thought, "I'm only going to eat a handful of these berries or one piece of this fruit so as not to have too much sugar."......Heck no! That freakin caveman feasted and then filled his loin cloth with that junk! He probably even stayed around that bush or tree until it was out of season. duh.

Actually Chris, the moral of the story is my body is a fucking mess AND I am a big wuss.....

Yes the magic show is still on!!! Stage & chairs get delivered tomorrow morning =)

Is the magic show still a go? Looking forward to it.

So.....moral of the story is you are a big friggin wuss?? ;)
As my dad reminds me daily, getting old sucks!

I need to find one here in Maui cuz my hips and chest flexibility is horrible.

I've been going to Ernesto, our very own, chiro intern..At OW. He's done wonders for my shoulders, back, and hip. I've also added massage sessions from the standard massage envy to help with recovery. Fortunately the things you are learning now helps us so we don't wait 31 years... Bowen Therapy.... I'll give it a shot if it can help me do the splits like Jean Claude Van Damme GBO!!!

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