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April 04, 2012


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I always thought I was a "runner" until this year I had some clarity! I love sprinting! :) I've always been a sprinter since youth and LOVE the speed of the body. Obviously, I'm not fast like I use to be, but something to be said about running as fast as you can and getting over that finish line! :) That's why I like 5K's. Its a race that I can actually race and win!! But get into those 7 or more mile runs....OMG...I'm freaking DYING!! Its brutal on the mind and the body. If I do anything more than 3 feet get blistered, my knees, hips, back, shoulders, etc HURT! I did run a half marathon back in 2009. After that half, I told myself...never again! It took me about a half hour of yoga poses for me to walk again! And I was thinking I was going to run a marathon...HECK NO!!! I have run 13.1 miles since but not as a race. I kept trying and trying and trying to like long distance running. As of currently I just run 3 miles!

So finally my husband said to are not a runner! I said, really? I thought i was. And come the conclusion...nope not a runner. But a sprinter!! LOL

"tell me where I was bashing running"

...two sentences later...

"There is nothing "hard" about running a 5k. It's just fucking boring."

Look, I think the tone of the post is pretty clearly more negative about distance running than positive, but you're right you don't say anything about not doing it...just that some doctors say it may be more harmful than good and it might kill you and it doesn't mean you're fit anyway. Which is probably all true to some extent, particularly when people don't prepare well or overextend themselves -- I just think your post comes off as sounding like running is antithetical to fitness, which I do not believe.

All I was intending to say is that I didn't think the post was entirely fair to distance running, and that it's been beneficial for me. Your main point that marathon performance shouldn't be the sole metric for fitness is a good one, and I'm sure I could stand to be more well rounded in my training.

Jacinto, Legit result!!! hit it right on the nose. It's not's boring....f*cking boring!

Justin and everyone else,

As usual, the people who love running feel they need to go on the defense about running. Trust me, in my years of wrestling and fighting, I have probably ran more miles than many of you. Why don't you reread the post, slowly this time, and tell me where I was bashing running or anyone who does it. I was very specific to state that if running is your thing, just remember that it is a small slice of the pie. Relax!!!

Also, running IS easy. There is nothing "hard" about running a 5k. It's just fucking boring.

Ram... I think Jahed was just pointing out that you commented about something I had already mentioned in the post. I still love you.

Jahed - Not trolling - Just pointing out the irony of posting a known steroid user under "Health and Performance".

And this is not a troll name or a troll post - that is my real name and I train at OW :). Damn, I have to get my ass to the classes more often!

I live in NY and every year some one dies in the NYC marathon.

Hi!! Freddy did the WOD for to dsy got 5 rounds and 4 front squats AT 125#.How was that?

Believe nothing,no matter where you read it,or who said it,unless it agrees with your own reason and your own COMMON SENSE.Hell, you can get injure just walking normal,Benson i'm with you so you'all don't judge the man that try and fail but judge the ones that fail to try.And the only reason TROLLS exits is because is illegal to kill them.CROSSFIT IS NOT ONLY GOOD FOR YOUR BODY BUT ALSO IT BUILDS YOUR SPIRIT.GBO

can't figure out if ram is not the brightest bulb or just trolling

My mistake was the 2009 SJ RNR 1/2 I did. I actually saw the female being worked on, then I heard later on that she passed away. Sad...

Amen Benson! ;0)

Don't injuries happen in anything you do? Can someone actually say one activity causes more injuries than another? (Is there a COMLETE STUDY on this)? Why is it that some people see sports injuries occuring in CrossFit and consider CrossFit to be "unhealthy"... but Football injuries that happen don't make Football bad? (or any other sport for that matter.. boxing?!?!) By the way.. using a keyboard and mouse causes the most carpal tunnel injuries in the world!.. Every other person using a keyboard and mouse have discussed about a carpal tunnel injury that they are trying to work around. I, for example, have gotten carpal tunnel, Several other people I know have gotten carpal tunnel from using a keyboard. My sister's boyfriend's friend's cousin's neighbor's doctor's wife had carpal tunnel for five years after a serious injury due to using a keyboard causing her to be unable to post her status updates on Facebook which resulted in her friends ignoring her and now her social life is RUINED!

Using a keyboard and mouse is unsafe AND unhealthy.

AND FYI.. I've never been to a football game, boxing game.. or even a crossfit event where people in their 30's have died. But I've personally particpated in several (not just one) running event where someone has DIED..... so uh... yeah .........

Actually I stand corrected on the amount. Team in Training has raised over $1.2 billion to fund lifesaving cancer research. That is my incentive to keep on raising money and to keep running in hopes for the ultimate goal, a cure!

@Freddy, yeah, endurance athletes take steroids too just to recover from their workouts, not to build muscle (or if they do, maybe they can get their money back ...) Sorry I fed the troll there. Just had to leap to the defense of CF, lol. But seriously I don't mean to be negative, I am grateful for all the good things running did for me. It along with skiing was my gateway drug to fitness in general, and I still enjoy it. Just don't get carried away is all I am saying.

Freddy you know I love you and am one BIG supporter of CrossFit, which has brought me to a whole level of fitness that I never thought I could achieve. But, I also am a runner. For me, running does give me clarity and helps clear my mind in so many ways. More important, I found out that I could pay it forward running. I run the Team in Training Nike Run in SF and fund raise which benefits so many people. I also see that not only can I help myself being fit doing CrossFit, but I can help others, running. Team in Training has raised over 180 million dollars to help patients suffering from Blood Cancers. Running can be painful and I am in the filthy fifty group which makes it that much more challenging, but nothing in comparison to the pain these babies, children and adults suffer on a daily basis. When I did the run last year, I felt that my CrossFit training certainly attributed to my ability to tackle those SF hills, as leg strength and endurance was the key to crossing the finish line! I am again running in October and seeing the people cheering us 25,000 runners on, some who are fighting for their lives but make a point of coming out to line up to thank us for doing this, is the greatest gift of all. I never miss a day, rest days are my running days, and in closing GBO, it is the greatest place of all.

Let's all root for the first death in CrossFit to happen in 2012. We can do it!!!!!

Bad example to post on the right - that's Dwain Chambers who was banned for several years and had his medals rescinded for steroid use.

I'm just a lurker who did xfit at oneworld for a little while and krav for I've been running somewhat consistently for a couple of years. When I ran the 2010 SJ 1/2 marathon, I didn't hear about any deaths...apparently this was from 2009:

Anyway, this post bugged me the first time I saw it, mostly because I love running and feel like you're not giving it a fair shake, probably largely because it's just not your thing.

Yeah, anyone can do wouldn't be a good goal if it was unattainable. This is the whole reason xfit has scaling, no?

On the other hand if it's so easy, than how come you say yourself that nobody shows up when you schedule a 5k for the WOD?

Trail running is about the most fun I've ever had while exercising. I don't really think of 13.1mi as far anymore. I look nothing like either of the dudes in the pictures you chose, and neither do the majority of the folks I see at races. I've had injuries, mostly due to not listening to my body...but if you tell me you know tons of people who have done xfit consistently for a couple of years and never had so much as a strain, I'm going to have a hard time believing you.

I really like oneworld, enjoy this blog and appreciate 99% of the posts on here...just wanted to speak up on this, because based on my experience taking up distance running can have a really positive impact for some people.

Does anyone else think it's totally funny that the Troll knows and cares more about CrossFit than those of us who CrossFit?

Wilson is our regular daily troll.

Chris, Really? That's kinda funny. Not your typical looking doper.

Any athlete trying to compete at a high level in any sport is at risk of serious injury, and that certainly includes CF Games competitors. However, recreational running is unique in that it injures about 80% of its participants each year. CF doesn't even come close. But, I don't mean to bash running, I actually like running, and used to be a decent distance runner. I have just found that, as with all things, consistency and moderation usually provide the best results. Oh, and as far as the picture goes, you know the distance runner is also chock full of steroids and EPO, right?

When I did the San Jose Rock N' Roll with Cheryl in 2010, two people died. SO sad. They were both mid-30's too. I never need to run a half again. :-/

Lyn I wont be in tonight. text me. 510 709 5011 :)

Annie, I want to check it out. I'll be in for the 645 class.

Training for a marathon is more healthy than doing crossfit. Every other athlete discussed on the Xfit games site has a serious injury they are trying to work around. Lindsey Smith for example was nearly blown out of the competition with a severe knee injury that had her crawling up and down steps. Several other competitors have ruptured their Achilles tendons doing box jumps. One even has a online fund raising drive to pay for the surgery to allow them to walk again.

Crossfit is unsafe and unhealthy.

By the way everyone. I have a brand new pair of Red and black crossfit nanos that I dont want to hassle sending back to Reebok. I decided to go with my yellow ones. They are a mens size 8. So a womens 9 1\2(They're Cute. If your a guy they're cool.) :) I'll sell them for 80 bucks if anyone wants them! NO I DID NOT WEAR THEM FOR A WORKOUT. LOL

I HATE RUNNING. it hurts.

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