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April 24, 2012


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is sierra nevada paleo? hahah

Freddy most of the time I'm joking around but when I posted that 60 Minutes link on my website I was dead serious. As a journalist they're one of the only news shows I watch, that and Frontline. I was blown away by some of the science and facts presented. I'll say this much, it's been MUCH easier not to eat sugar after seeing that report. From now on I get my sugar from fruits.

Annie, I like you

Everyone else, stop eating fruit!!!!!

Sugar is poison!!!!

also,lots of people don't know is that alcohol is sugar too.

Man i have been reading this blog for two years and have never posted. you hit the nail on the head its the same thing with herion and methadone . Love the no bs straight to the point post keep doing what you do.

Annie...eating so much meat every day and so much means we are practicing Uber-Paleo.

We are O-lifting at 6:30 p.m. on tomorrow night (Thursday) and Saturday morning at 10 a.m. Hope to see everyone there. No Sandbaggers!

I don't appreciate being called out on my shitty diet.

Sorry caveman people, you are not eating like a caveman. Having meat everymeal? They didnt have fridges and freezers. They caught something, feasted on it probably raw for a while till it went bad or was gone. Then had to survive on greens, seeds, fruit ect. the remainder of the time, sometimes for days until their next kill. None of this cooked fish, steak, eggs,chicken, all in one day. duh. Stop thinking because someone told you its eating like a caveman that it is...start thinking for yourself, commmon sense. Good fad tho!

Sugar and laziness is what is causing Americans to be the fattest around (no pun intended). I just bang me head when I see a mother buying a frozen mocha cinamon latte blah blah @ Starbucks for her kid. There goes 1000 calories of mostly sugar. And then she wonders why the kid is 'thick'!

it's all about taking a case to case basis. is sugar toxic for a fat-ass desk bet. is it absolutely necessary to build muscle and succeed as a hard charging athlete...yes. all carbs, complex or simple, get converted to glycogen. it's more about the situation than it is a blanket statement that "this is bad"

Honestly, I don't think anybody believes sugar is good for them (except for that dude that works in the industry). Just as I am sure most crackheads doing crack don't think it is good for them.

The tough part is there is so much sugar in everything we eat whether we know it or not. But like Freddy says, you really can't wave the "paleo" banner while knowingly eating sugar.

Btw, here is a really good article about the healthcare debate that points out if we just behaved better we would reduce greatly the risk of getting deadly diseases and the cost of healthcare:

Freddy I too have been ranting about Pseudo Paleo. I've shared your post on our Facebook page. Cheers

This is one of the hardest part of the paleo diet! Eliminating the sugar, in all forms is hard to do. Yes all the "paleo" deserts use agave and
/or some other form of sweetener like honey, but that too is a type of fructose. if I am going super strict I will avoid all of that but lately I have been just going semi paleo, and indulging in some sweetened foods, which I know I shouldn't but as this video states, I am addicted to it! Spooky video to watch knowing how I eat.

Rest day. Is that all we get? No, encouragement to work on our skills that are lacking.


IT amazes me, things we have been saying here at OneWorld for years are finally going academic, proving that intelligence is not a science. Get off the crack people...GBO

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