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April 04, 2012


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You're very I work for a fairly busy police department. The last thing i'm worried about at work is a local gym rat or Barry Bonds doing PEDs.......


"training fucking hard"


"cheating fucking hard"

For someone involved in law enforcement, it is shameful to basically say 'who cares, live with it' to taking peds.

I'm with the legalize doping for professional athlete's group. It eliminates unfairness/cheating.

At the same time amateurs and college sports should definitely remain dope FREE! Without proper doctor guidance it is dangerous.

Everyone bitching about the danger of PEDs needs to stop the hand wringing and stay their own lane. The poison is in the dose. Anabolic Steroids aren't bad, abusing them is bad. Alcohol isn't bad, abusing it is bad. Aspirin isn't bad, abusing it is bad. Kids aren't bad, abusing them is bad.

Also, since the legal/illegal issue is being discussed - it is one of the craziest things in this country that alcohol is legal and marijuana is not. Since I started writing this post someone in the U.S. has been killed because of alcohol, yet it is sold EVERYWHERE!!! You can drink yourself to death in one night. How many people have smoked weed to death? I don't use marijuana in any capacity nor have I for nearly ten years, but it still escapes me why it is grouped in with total life destroying drugs like heroin and meth. It is kept illegal through fear by people who don't understand it. I will now step down from my soap box. GBO.

well said Jahed!

I was going to tap into that Alex but decided not to.

"there is a reason why it is illigal"...because it is unhealthy ? what the fuck! sooo weed is illigal because it is so unhealthy ? granted, it's prob not the best for you but shouldnt alcohol be illigal ? that has def been proven over the long term to be "unhealthy" i you have seen people die from cirrhosis and its not pretty.

so let up with the "unhealthy" bullshit! one last thing, religion has prob killed more people over years and years, i would say that that has been proven "unhealthy" in the long run so should religion be illigal ? (I know that is king of a crazy point) but it's kind of the same.

I laugh when people, state it's unhealthy and illegal as a reason. Really, smoking is the worst thing you can introduce your body, not only is it responsible for lung cancer it is among the leading causes of hypertension and cardiac disease, yet that is as legal as it gets. Stop being so naive, look at why PEDs are illegal do the research, understand the topic before you make emotional claims. Emotional debate is always a joke, I'll personally refrain from using GH because some fatass senator decided it was immoral and made it illegal, but don't fool yourself into thinking that if it was legal, you and all your friends wouldnt line up to take it. As crossfitters are big into taking creatine, branch aminio's, prgenex, and countless of other supplements out there. We all, are in search of that edge, that help that will help us through our plateaus, if we werern't, supplement sales wouldn't peak in the billions..... would they? Lastly, this whole topic of cheating in crossfit is a joke... the open is proof enough, how far people will go.......

a little winstrol mixed with a little test never hurt anyone! but maybe that anadrol with tren caused a ruckus! :)

I just got back to the room after a the end of a long day of tanning and training. I thought I would just surf through the archives and find an old post to repost.

Top tier athletes get alot of "free" things we don't get.Its just the cards that are dealt. Everyone should know by now the "famous" (athlete or not) are above the law. They get a slap on the wrist we get prison time. It's life.Its just a personal choice if you want to whine about it or not. As I say to my kids, crying about it isnt going to change anything.

Love this post... I should start doping before I write my blog. And by doping, I mean drinking Big Swell IPAs - poolside!!

A documentary done several years ago might interest you. It's called "Bigger, Stronger, Faster." It offers a very objective look at the use of steroids and other PED's in sport and other fields. Also, just a quick side note... I've never posted before on the One World site, but I check it everyday. Great site, perspective, info... keep it up!

The notion of an equal playing field is a fantasy that is an artifact of your own mind, not reality. Equal in relation to what? How equal should we make things? Once we figure out genomics and epigenetics, should we make everyone born equal? Control genetic variation? Make sure there are no more genetic outliers? Why we should appreciate only so-called natural, immensely talented, lucky, genetic lottery winners, and not people who worked just as hard but used PEDs? They're certainly not equal to us lowly mortals, yet we appreciate their superhuman feats cause they are "natural." This natural or equal notion is an artificial designation in and of itself. Get over it.

I think there is a good argument to be made for banning PEDs, but a level playing field is not one of them. It has never existed, we all just want to convince ourselves that it has, so we can get uppity and indignant and show everyone how much we care when yet another athlete gets busted for it.



Say NO to drugs!!!

I'm not a believer in PEDs. I think a PED that's legal and healthy for you are the people who support you, cheering you on. That's my PED. As for the real PEDs, sure they can enhance your performance, but what is the real purpose of the Olympics? I'm not a whiz on the history of the Olympics, but isn't it based on people's natural talents, abilities and integrity? Even if you're not in the Olympics, I still see it as creating a false persona of yourself and living a lie. That and the side effects.

Sorry to disagree with your post, I’m against anyone taking PEDs, but how is taking PEDs “ok” for the top tier athlete, but not the weekend warrior? Do pros get some sort of free pass because they have a special talent? PEDs are proven to be unhealthy long-term for EVERYONE even when taken “properly”. I don’t think it is responsible for you to say it makes sense for a top tier athlete to take them, but not Joe Blow. Is it “ok” for a professional athlete because there is money on the line, or because he has the resources to do it “properly”? What if the normal person is a wealthy executive but wants to be the best in his gym or the best in his circle of athletic friends, how is it any different except he’s getting no compensation? So it’s recommended normal people don’t do unhealthy things because his actions don’t have a big impact on society, but someone on a bigger stage getting compensation is justified to be unhealthy because more people are watching and they have a bigger impact on society. Why can’t anybody that wants to put their health in jeopardy be allowed to do so? ........UNHEALTHY IS UNHEALTHY, PEDs are illegal for a reason. If you’re ok with people taking PEDs that’s fine, but to say it should only be pros is where I think you’re wrong. You can’t say one class of person it’s ok, but another class is wrong, either PEDs are ok or they are not. I enjoy your posts and thanks for letting us comment, keep up the good work.

I'm with the whole even playing field perspective. If I had that talent and/or skill (which I personally don't) and some other guy just happened to have the same talent/skill as me but he took PEDs to beat me out for, let's say, $250k, then I'd be pissed, wouldn't you? Now, if we both took it or we both didn't take it, then I wouldn't give a shit because we were both on the same playing field. Don't cheat. Cheating is bad. And if you do cheat, don't get caught! lol That's even worse!

I'm a long time reader of the OneWorld site but I've never posted before. That being said, I think Dave Tate said it best in an interview he did (for CrossFit, as I recall). He called PED's the ace up the sleeve. In the top tier, it still takes talent and hard work to get there. PED's are just the little extra push. But that's the only point they're worth using. Because if you couldn't get to that point on your own, you never would even with PEDs.

what is and isnt legal only plays a part in decisions like this

great post Freddy

Freddy, I think you make some good points, but someone already said's illegal. I understand that it's the progression of sports...50 years ago, guys drank beer and ate hot dogs as their off-season training. Then someone starts lifting weights, has an advantage, so everyone does it...then, to get the advantage again, someone changes the training...and so on and so on, until someone says "hey, steroids are going to help me keep my job, why wouldn't I take them"

When it becomes the norm, it still doesn't make it right. The guy who values his body over his job is given a clear disadvantage by choosing to do things the right way and not use PEDs.

Good post. I feel pretty much the opposite of you, though, Freddy. I'm bummed when I hear that a top-level athlete is using PEDs...its against the rules...its cheating...the playing field must be even (as even as possible). Its another story if they are legalized for all.

I have no (ethical) problem with someone using PEDs to improve their abilities to do their job (e.g. LEO, soldier, Firefighter, etc). If a cop wants to be stronger to help protect me from bad guys, all to power to him.

I just think that the weekend punter who is buying stuff from "some guy" without any medical oversight to have the best bench in his local gym is sad.

legalize it! Until then, all I can do is dream about taking the best supplement available.....

Freddy may not honestly know anyone that is doping, but I doubt he thinks they aren't. There is a lot of money at stake and like he said in the post its naive to think that top tier performers aren't using PEDs.

i tend to agree with most of this post, but you left out one aspect of doping in professional sports that irks me. Yes, professional athletes who dope were already incredibly talented and work extremely hard. Yes, doping doesn't increase skill, which is a large part of success in any sport. My problem is the clean athletes on the cusp of the professional level who have their spots taken by similar athletes using PED's. I don't care about inflated stats or purity of the game garbage, I just think its sad to see athletes work their entire lives clean of any substance only to fall short of their dreams because others cheat the system. Professional sports is made up of more than just super stars

So I personally know someone who is doping? With my big mouth I assure you if I knew for sure, you would know.

I always wonder why you waste your time reading the One World site and don't stick to gathering your unoriginal thoughts from the smart guys on the Garm.

"I honestly don’t know of a single top CrossFit athlete who is doping"


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