Crossfit of Fremont


April 29, 2012


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ryan you are the man

Hey OW Family!

Just a reminder that if you plan on attending the Games, tickets go up $10 tomorrow from $50 to $60.

Here's the link:

Hope all is well my friends!

RYAN WAIT!!!!!! I wanted to give my phat props too! My kids LOVED it! I found my 3 year old in his room this morning drawing in the air and flipping his coloring books... I just had to tell him no cutting people in half.And last night the girls were trying to turn their stuffed animals in to real animals... Thanks for making them all whacked out. Lol! It was awesome!!! Cant wait for another. I'll bring Tanya and the brood next time!! :)

You guys are awesome!! Thanks so much for the kind words and for making the event successful. It feels good to give back and be part of something so positive.

There were a lot of people working behind the scenes to make this event possible: my mom (Pamela) and dad, Tony Martinez, Felicia Gold, Nathan Gold, Freddy, Lt. Colonel Kutch who donated the playstation (I'm sure I'm forgetting a few and I"m sorry if I am). The event couldn't have happened without these people's instrumental help and of course Freddy's vision of brining it to One World...

I'm very proud to be part of One World and to have made so many wonderful friends.

I'm quite confident there will be another show in the not to distant future.... Nathan and I are already at the drawing board.


I think Ryan the magician made my overhead strength disappear. I'm on to your methods now Freddy.

Ryan , you the Man! That was by far the Best Magic Show I've ever seen.My family think so too,we had a awesome time, Thank You!Very generous of you and your wonderfully family and close friends to put together this show for a Good Cause! I'm fortunate to call you as my friend. And most of you don't know Ryan has another talent ,he's a great cook too.And all you single ladies Ryan is single too!GBO

It was pure entertainment!!! Great show Ryan :)

I really good show from a very talented person! I had a great time! Thank you Ryan, One World and the rest for making it happen! Brad, don't worry, your secret is safe with us LOL! You can name it "The Crossfit BRO"

Ryan, Adler family and One World team you guys are the best. You guys made it so easy to be part of a great cause. All we had to do is show up, eat and be entertained, and vets were help. AWESOME!!!

I also had a blast point out all of you One Worlders to my family. Proud to be part of the One World Community


The show was incredible, except for the part where Ryan let everyone there know that I am a CrossFit dresser.

The show was awesome. One of the best I have seen. My wife and daughter were checking out Ryan's magic trick book on Sunday. Fun times.

He's a goddamn sorcerer or warlock

Plus he's a policeman.

I have a healthy fear of Ryan and his prodigious, most likely satanic talents. comments!?!?!?! The show was awesome!!!

wish I was there!

That video is so cool!!!!

Loved the show Ryan!!!

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