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May 23, 2012


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Freddie speaks the truth. Phony squatters deserve to get called out!

Go ass to ankles or don't go at all!

Thanks Gary =)

Better on the second one, but you could get lots more knee flexion therefore much more quad involvement and full depth- seems the wraps are getting in your way, and/or your'e deliberately keeping knees back behind toes ( i hope not - toe length should not determine amount of knee flexion!:-) . pause this overhead sqaut at link below at lowest point as example of full depth, and see 455 back squat by russ zito in same training lift section -g

Freddy makes the best F*ckin articles. No BS, funny, and extremely informative. He helps keep us legit!!

Now write an article on how to be flexibility! bwhahaha, Love you bro =)

do* (smdh)

Squat does a booty good!!!

I always see people say that squatting below parallel is harder. I am generally a butt to floor guy, so the other day I tried to cut off at "just-below" parallel and it was incredibly awkward. It felt like throwing a pitch with only half a windup. My body wanted to go 100% all the way down, and stopping it just below parallel was awkward. Anyone else experience this?

It was a heavily weighted (for me) squat if that makes a difference.

I definitely need to work on my squats. The hardest thing for me is going below parallel. So far, a wider stance and pointing my feet outward helps me squat lower.

I could talk about this for days. It's rather a pet peeve of mine. As a trainer, often we would have folks, in warm up, squat, push their elbows into their knees and drive the knees out. I would then say "look around - EVERYONE is well below parallel. There is NO excuse for not doing this in the wod.". Minutes later, the very same people were air squatting into a quarter-squat, above-parallel position and driving me fucking mad.

I agree that it's 90% laziness, 5% arrogance, and 5% situational awareness. It's almost NEVER ROM issues.

Sometimes its' a stance issue. Widen out your stance, and your hamstrings are at full capacity before you are below parallel, which results in that ugly "bending over to pick up a paperclip off the floor" squat.

Narrow your stance and get your knees out of the way, and bingo.

Most of the people lifting heavier fail to realize that they actually have more power, not less, getting lower and invoking the stretch reflex, and that squatting above parallel w/ heavy weight is just bringing their knees to the brink of snapping.

All that said, I was "no repped" a couple of times in Carson on my wall balls - I was shocked. I had no clue I was not going low enough. Hopefully, it was the 5% situational awareness that day, not the 90% laziness.

when you squat your ass should be about 3" above the ground at the bottom. If you are not going 3" above the ground it is not a squat. below parallel is just for powerlifting competitions. real squat is 3" above the ground

How far past parallel is appropriate? I can do the full Asian squat, should I go that far down with weight?


LOVE LOVE LOVE this post!!!

That's awesome! I'm excited to squat more with the new change in programming.

Is this low enough? ;0)

jay who are you and where are you from,

what does GBO stand for/means?

nice post!

thanks freddy! your posts are always funny, informative and yep, those that add weight as they lose full ROM drive me crazy as well!

Wow, that dude's squatting did was humbling.

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