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June 05, 2012


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Freedie, I am an officer from Tampa Police and owner of Crossfit Sparta... Great article I have reposted it on a site I have to prepare all Florida Officers for the upcoming R.N.C. I have been tasked with working on there fitness, this article will greatly help with that task, thank you brother!!

I think that the laziness & complacency starts with your mental game, or lack of one. Who heard of asymetric warfare before 9/11, or thought of using light as a force option? Too many of the lazy ones can quote their favorite sports teams starting lineup and season schedule, but can't be bothered to peruse the Peace Officers Legal Sourcebook, or sneak a peek at the Jury Instructions manual.

If you're one of the smart officers, you train your body as hard as you train your brain, and vice versa.

Property of the FBI, and since they are incarcerated, the videos are not allowed to go public

Freddy, do you happen to have a link to those videos of those four guys who are serving time? I too am an officer and I always am interested in listening to interviews like that. Thanks.

Freedy, I think this post may have save the life of at least one LEO's life, if He Or She listened. The World is a dangerous place,not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing, all you LEO, Tou choosed a job to do something about this evil,a difficult job. And you're outnumber if you didn't notice. Every PD/SO Dept. should make it mandatory for their Officers to stay in shape.A soldier is mandated to stay in shape throught out their career even during peace time, LEO's goes to war everyday when they put on that gun belt and steps into the jungle, how can you protect anyone if you can't protect yourself??effort and courage are not enough without Good Health and purpose. To Protect and Serve and Never Off Duty.

Eric I KNOW!! That has been mentioned more than once! :)

Where is the "LIKE" icon? Great post. Also remember that when AB 109 went into affect there are a lot more knuckle heads out in the community ready to harm someone. These people spend years in prison getting fit and ready for battle. Peace officers should be doing the same.

Too many cops get lazy & complacent once they've passed FTO. Interestingly felons have been making the same assessments of cops for many years.

I seem to remember hearing the same reasoning by felons at one of the Street Survival seminars I'd attended. Add in all the MMA training the knuckleheads do, plus all the informative videos available on Youtube, and the threat levels just keep getting pushed higher.

No disrespect, but softball & golf just aren't very good ways to prepare for the fight of your life.

I just recently worked the corner for my friend at his MMA fight. I was amazed at how many guys that were getting ready to fight stage were "gang bangers", these “gangsters”, are training in boxing, bjj, and wrestling, every day.

It’s scary to think how many officers I work with that would get kill by a white belt in bjj. I took a big bad Marine friend of mine to bjj class, I placed him with a white belt that he out weighted by 100lbs, and in 30 seconds my marine buddy was tapping out.

Lifting weights is a good start, but in this profession fighting is going to happen, so training outside the box is necessary. Krav and bjj should be inside every officer’s tool box.

Dam Annie, poking hard on the woman! I assure you Cheryl does not fit that mold :)

BTW..AWESOME POST FREDDY! Got too caught up in the unhealthy women I meet at the dang picnics that are suppose to be my mans back up.

Spot on Freddy! One of the best Posts ever!

Great post Freddy!

Great post freddy!

Another awesome post. This is why I read your blog every day even though I've never been close to Northern Cal or One World. Your post relates to firefighters as well. Granted we don't have people out trying to intentionally harm us, but we do go into burning buildings. If I've got someone inside with me who is overweight ive got to worry about him going down, or worse if an ac unit or roof comes down on me, is his fat ass going to make sure I make it out. I am embarrassed when I am working with someone who is overweight, there is no excuse for it in ours or your line of work. Thanks again for the great posts Freddie!

Freddy I recently attended the same coarse here in Texas. I thought it was very ironic that MANY of my counterparts were physical manifestations of what these wolves had described. I thoroughly enjoy your programming & post. Keep up the good work & watch your six!

All you woman in law enforcement need to be able to put up a good fight, and be able to be a dependable back up. Yes, I'm calling you out. Working out for years with A LOT of guys in law enforcement, and having a husband in law enforcement... I know they talk about, and are concerned about it. You picked the job, you need to able to live up to the duty. Dont be the chick that the guy officer DOES NOT want as a back up. (I know this includes men too. But sorry chicks life just is..... that men are physically stronger than women.) So at least be fit and strong enough to put up a good fight.


Wicked Post brother! GBO

Amen brother!!! Way too many liabilities out there. Time for them to own up.

I'd say that goes hundred fold for LEO and it also goes to the general public as well. Being out of shape, unhealthy, and not fit is a personal choice and responsibility. You may not pay for it now, but rest assured dinner will be over later down the road and the tab's on you. Preventative diseases that may not kill you right away but will make your later years miserable, painful, and non-functional..what is the frickin' point?

Good post Freddy...saying it like it is.

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