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August 07, 2012


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Nice post Freddy. If you don't mind, gonna share this on our website for Sunday blog material.

I've alway tell prospective members in our Intro's that anyone can come up with a CrossFit workout..."just put 10 exercises together, put 50 reps to it, and go as fast as you can"....but I say "those people don't last the test of time" eventually they get hurt from overuse injuries or there central nervous system is so taxed their either always sick or mentally drained.

Thanks for sharing brother. Your post just confirms we're doing the right thing!

This post is pitched perfectly. So many friends of mine think intensity is 25 minutes plus of slogging through a WOD. Then when you give them a couplet or triplet they kind of jog through it and ask whats all the fuss about. I started using the phrase "train like your life depends on it" You fail to beat a time, you die, or even worse someone you care about dies. A bit extreme but it does motivate.

How should I treat my foot pain?

Nice post! You are spot on with everything. I'll be re-posting this at my gym!

Nice post Freddy...I've always thought this way. Many people ask me about Crossfit and I tell them it's not for everybody. There are some things about Crossfit that I agree with and other things I don't. That's no different than any strength and conditioning programming...things I agree with and things I don't. With what I've been able to see and experience at One World, I feel you do it right!!! Keep up the good work and I certainly miss all of YOU!!! Gotta get a workout in soon!!!

I was with you 100% until the final paragraph, that's some exquisite trolling, well done sir

you're getting pretty good at this, I didn't even catch on till the very last paragraph

I remember Chris Spealler telling us in the Coach's Prep that the heart and soul of CrossFit was couplets and triplets. This always fascinated me because most of the benchmark girls are couplets or triplets. Fran is in my opinion a work of art. And yet very few boxes seem to program couplets or triplets and don't come up with benchmark like workouts. I don't know why, but maybe like Freddy wrote the members as they get better at CrossFit seek out that old fashion beat down feeling they got when they first started and ask for chippers to get there. The thing is...most couplets and triplets done at high intensity are old fashion beat downs.

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