Crossfit of Fremont


February 08, 2013


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I won't wish the wish you wish to wish.

we need to fill that thing with cement

brings me back to the strongman days

cement = 240 lbs

Bottom line...hate it or not hate it if people weren't seeing results they'd stop doing crossfit period..
End of story. If some other genius wants to come up with a way to figure out how tens of thousands of people can do something and see results...and make a tonof money more power to em. IF YOU DON'T LIKE IT DON'T DO IT. DUH.

Come on Batman do you have all this time??? Gotham city is under attack last time I checked super hero.

^^^ When wil the haters come up with some new material???

Crossfit the Jack Lalane of the 00’s
Some of the stuff is ok but for hardcore strength, it's just not there...

• It’s a gimmick. When I attended level 1 crossfit certification they taught several principles:
1. “we’re antigym” over and over again it’s all I heard. Then why are there thousands of crossfit gyms in the world? This was a straight gimmick to get people involved. Crossfit in the park became crossfit at my gym for 150 dollars and hour.
2. “The health club just wants your money” People pay way and I mean way more to participate in a crossfit workout than any health club. It’s a fad that removes money from rich moms purses. What do you get at most crossfit gyms? Some squat racks and running around the building. The overhead aside from the initial cost of buying all the new fad (rouge fitness) equipment is pretty low. Some crossfit gyms don’t even have showers.
3. Glassman even went on to say they wouldn’t let you do this in your gym. Well probably in some but most gyms will let you do air squats and overhead squats if you really want to.
4. “Seals do this so it must be good” I agree it’s great for seals that need to maintain calm in a firefight, but when does a 35 year old banker need this? Again a great gimmick line and something some dude can say in a bar, “hey I train like a navy seal…” well you’re not a seal, if you really want that try and make it through that school. Aside from the 1 hour sleep of night, borderline hypothermia, the swims and everything else I don’t know about it’s almost just like crossfit.
5. it’s money driven, how many certifications do you need to do an air squat? $3,000 dollars worth is the answer. Then there’s kettlebells, kids classes, the list goes on…..and of course the 3k yearly fee if you have a gym with no territorial boundaries, plus any level 1 trainer can advertise on top of that. I placed crossfit on my gym website and was hit with a letter from an attorney in training (he can’t afford real attorneys?). They gladly told me I could pay if I wanted to be a crossfit gym.
• “My warm up is your workout” – then you’re probably over training.
• Olympic movements being done really fast aren’t really that good for you. Unless you’re in really good shape throwing bars up and down as fast as you can is not really good for your joints, muscles or bones.
• Most of the actual movements are done so fast they are done incorrect. I guess so you can post that you did 500 incorrect burpees in 25 seconds to impress your friends.
• Crossfit requires athleticism. Double under jump rope, clean and press, to be elite fit you have to do these movements? Hardly. If crossfit was truly a “minimalist program” it wouldn’t require 100 dollar medicine balls and Olympic rings as well.
• The us vs. them mentality. Jim Jones break out the punch. You’re either crossfit or you’re nothing else. Again branding creating a superior attitude toward anything else just like a good gimmick should.
• “Fittest people on earth” is always debatable. What if the fittest person in the world can’t do double unders as fast as someone else? They have the strength and cardio but don’t have the coordination. So now to be the fittest you have to be the most coordinated as well? Crossfit people are extremely fit but to say they’re the fittest is again a gimmick to create and us vs. them mentality.
• The actual owner doesn’t even do crossfit, although he says it’s for everyone and any age and.if he does, he’s not a real good example. The argument of you don’t have do a sport to teach a sport is invalid. This is fitness and by his own claim :"anyone can do this", so why doesn't he?

Solution: come up with your own stupid gimmick, sell it as free and then bring the money train…

wow, that is a ground to shoulder....I gotta try that!

About 125#

out of curiosity about how much does the keg weigh?

Hey everbody, want to announce that CROSSFITSUCKS.COM is offering a Level 1 cert on March 1. Topics include how to get zero percent slop, how to lift heavy, how to not look like a flaming tribal tat faggot, lots of good stuff. $2000 for the two day seminar and you get a t-shirt that says "your snatch sucks"

Happy Chinese New Year!! Year of the Snake, if you were born on this year, the tradition is that you got wear on you something RED for the whole year EX: red string, wrist band, underwear, etc and you will have 12 years of prosperity and good fortune!! GBO

Keg of Water.... If it was a Keg of Beer it would get lighter over time.... From my repeated visits

What is heavier a keg if beer, or a keg if water.

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