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July 06, 2014


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You and Chyna's programming is great and your one of the best CF bloggers out there. I Will follow your entertaining blogs at your new spot. From a fellow SWAT operator be safe and Good Luck!

This is incredibly sad! I've been following your blog for years. Always made me laugh. Best of luck to you and chyna!!!!

Good luck Freddy on your future endeavor! Been enjoying the blog from down south in San Diego.
looking forward to all new posts. Can you make the background of the new page Orange as well

Freddy and Chyna,

Hello again from Richmond!I am sad! I have been following one world and have commented maybe a dozen times on it since 2007 or 2008? I remember thinking to myself when you guys first got together how you seemed like a great couple and I'm still in awe at your commitment to the athlete lifestyle. Wish I had gotten to meet you before this, I've always wanted to workout once at One World with you all. Stay safe and injury free out there! :)

Best of luck from Illinois. I enjoy reading your blog; very insightful. Good luck @ the Games, Chyna. I'll be cheering for you.

Wow, what a surprise. I've long followed your excellent and amusing insights into fitness. All the best to you and Chyna from Australia. p.s. I too am grateful for the heads up about Sierra Nevada! Cheers.

Thanks for all the great posts & info! Been following your blogs since 2007. Good luck at the new box & will be following your blog there now.

Get strong. 8 minute WOD. Eat delicious food. Drink great beer. #freddysworld

Happy to hear we'll all still get our daily blog dose. Good luck to you both and to everyone that you leave behind!



Thanks for changing my life for the good. What a surprise this is! Wish you and Chyna Girl the best!

This is crazy I have checked your blog almost daily for about 5 years now and it has been my favorite fitness blog on the Internet. I double checked today to see if this truly was the last post and I guess it actually is. Wish I could have made it up to Oneworld to get a workout in while you were still there, guys! Best of luck to you both.

You probably got a larger following that you know of. We will miss your posts

You guys are awesome! Gotta close some doors to open new ones. You guys will find success and have so much fun making the new gym your own. Will miss seeing you on Saturdays!!

Good luck Freddy C! I have been reading your blog posts for about 5 years because they are insightful, authentic, and entertaining. Although I have never stepped into One World, it has been pretty cool to watch from a far as One World has evolved over the years.

I wish all the best to the community at One World. I am sure they will miss you.

Good luck in your new adventure!

Chyna...kick some @ss at the Games.

...and most importantly, thanks for turning me on to Sierra Nevada Pale Ale! Dee---freakin---licious

Very, very best of luck to you and Chyna as you move on to the new chapter in your life, Freddy. Your loyal fans will follow you wherever you go- we;ll, maybe not when you are sporting a sniper rifle..

Hope you will be providing commentary @ your new gig. I'm a virtual follower from So Cal and have always enjoyed your posts. Best of luck at your new local.

This is surprising sad news. I have never wod at CrossFit one world but i got my L1 certification at One world and i will always see one world, this blog and freddy as the people that started the journey of owning an affiliate that i am in right now. I have been following this blog because its the only one where the content is much more interesting than th. Wod :) so freddy, wherever you blog, i will follow. Hope that one day we can sit down and have a beer so i can hear your story

Hi Freddy & Chyna, have been following your awesome programming for a long time in Australia, & will continue to do so wherever you both are. Qne World has rocked because of the love you both have for what you believe in, & i hope that this continues for all who train there. I feel grateful for all that you have contributed to this community, & to me personally. Wishing you both, & to all at One World, the very best of health & happiness from Australia.

Love Chris.

Freddy - best of luck to you and Chyna in your new have changed a lot of people's lives for the better and have been a huge inspiration to everyone associated with One World, especially the old guys!


Trey gets to be the last troll ever to post on the blog. Winner winner chicken dinner!

Bittersweet, I am happy for you two. I wish you the best!

Sounds like you didn't get your way and you are be a baby ..What will you do when Chyna leaves you ?

I'll miss this orange blog. ;) Having once been featured with Kaela as a baby, I can honestly say it won't be the same. Thank you for the few but amazing times there, Freddy!! And good luck to you and Chyna on your new endeavor and lives together. <3

Good luck

Everything happens for a reason. Good luck on your new adventures and see you around at the next masters comp.

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