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good post!! The only real time I eat fruit right now is during my carb ups. Fill the liver first then the muscles will follow.

Jerry L.

Can you lose weight by eating frozen yogurt?


of course you can jerry lamigo. There are two ways of losing weight. Starvation vs Carb Restriction

To lose weight eating frozen yogurt your caloric intake must be less than your energy expenditure. So you are somehow going to have to come up with a way to figure out how much energy you produced for that particular day and then figure out how many calories you can eat that is less than that. Good luck with that.


I love fruit and I still miss sugar... but I like losing weight more than I like fruit or sugar.


Thanks for your honesty. Most of us would have chosen the snickers bar! I thought letting go of fruit would be difficult. Surprisingly, it's not too bad. When you get used to it, the protein does satisfy and it curbs the sugar cravings.


damn i thought I wrote that in real small caps...... :)

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Hey Alex,

I may not be squatting 355lbs and running 6 minute miles, but I did lose 80 pounds, DL 2xBW, Squat 1.5, and run 6.5 minute miles on a fruit-ultraheavy paleo diet (no XFit) that I still strictly maintain.

I consume anywhere from 2-6 servings of fruit per day depending on my fridge's contents. Assuming I want to drop more fat, is the main concern with fruit carbohydrate-related or sugar-related?


Nice Post.. thanks for sharing.


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Just about any food can cause weight gain when eaten in large enough quantities. If you're trying to lose weight, few foods provide so few calories that you can eat them in unlimited quantities. Those that do also provide little in the way of nutrition. However, when you just want something to nosh on, some low-calorie foods can fill you up, at least temporarily, without adding extra pounds.

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