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freddy c.

Alex, you know you think lean strong men are hot and it's not something someone told

But seriously, I agree with your post 99%. My only disagreement is that the Zone diet is not calorie counting. Technically of course, it is not, but you determine "blocks" to eat in a day based on lean body mass and then based on whether you want to lean out or maintain your current weight. (I don't know of anyone who is getting "jacked" on a true Zone diet plan). Once you determine your block count, you have to "count blocks" to achieve your target intake. It's not calories, but it is still counting, thus the long term success rate for most people is not good because counting anything is a pain in the ass.

I will say that after a few weeks of the Zone, you can get a feel for the right amount of blocks to eat just by eyeballing your food.

Overall though, I am very anti-Zone. I tried it and didn't notice near the success I have experienced just eating good foods and whenever I want. Sure I got super lean (so for the contest it would be good), but I assure you, I was fucking starving all the time.



That's exactly what I was going to say about the HOT MAN COMMENT Freddy...and about the Zone diet thing. Who gives a rats however much you want, just eat good stuff!


haha I just got the green light to clown on the zone diet


Again, great post Alex! Like the true nerd you are (and I appreciate), thanks for links to the studies.

I will say that there is some "counting" in Alex's proposed eating plan. It's not as strict as the zone, but it is important to be mindful of the carbs and such. Also, the "counting" isn't as taxing as the zone. Most people I know who were on the zone were hungry all the time. Also, I thought it was dangerous that some of these women were eating only 8-10 blocks a day, but were training hard in CrossFit. The zone just wasn't feeding them well. But that's my two cents.

Yes, it's a free country. You can clown on the zone all you want. Just note that free speech doesn't equal consequence free speech. (Just sayin'.)


I'm not going to hate on the zone and I threw it in there because you can tweak it, ie paleo zone approach. Im not ready to get into the debate so I through the name zone in there to avoid hurt feelings, in the case that certain people are reading this.

In saying that, I do think you have to be very type A, to succeed on the zone. i'm more of a eat what ever you want when trying to lose weight as long as the carbs are under 50, and in some cases 30. I've held myself from saying paleo often because I first wanted people to detox from sugar. If it meant eating cheese and sausages to do so, then so be it. Once you start seeing a weight loss we start shifting the diet to a even cleaner approach.
Being the paleo.

Ill write about it soon. For now keep up the good work and yes, there is some counting to do in my plan. 30-50 isn't a lot of counting though. :)

Love you jro

Will Blaker

Hey Alex, great site. Sorry I wasnt checking it out earlier.

Let's trade ideas and train like we talked about, soon



Great job Alex with leading the charge! I'm cheering everyone on. We traveled for most of September so had to sit this challenge out, but at least we've cut out carbs (for the most part). That's a big deal given I was born with a bowl of rice and grab a bowl of cereal or toast for breakfast. :)

Just wondering, do you have the fat and muscle replicas (pictured above) for show and tell? :)

I remember walking into a globo-gym 15 years ago around New Years Day and the first thing you saw when you walked by the front desk was 5 pounds of fake fat. Talk about motivation to sign on the dotted line. Prior to that, it had never clicked that the same fat that I had been cutting out of my thigh meat is what's in my body.


I wondered if I would be missed if I weren’t there. I told my mom,and she explained that though Penelope was a lovely girl,no one could replace me.

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