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Something else that is verified in medical lit that you might want to look into is BCAA's.

Not a huge koolaid guy but I am a Level one cert, and I won't put anything in my body other than real food unless I've read about it in medical literature (kinda scared to since I"m a military officer too). I've got a little bit of time to do that since I"m also a 2nd year medical student so my face is stuck in some crap book almost all the time.

Another thing you could recommend to people for general health (not going to help them look better naked but will help them live longer) is Niacin. Look into its effects on HDL.

Oneworld is an awesome site and I really appreciate the good info and humor. Keep it up!


Well, I would say the best way to lose weight is by following a solid nutrition plan that is meat free. One that is high in proteins and good fats, and low in carbohydrates which contains lots of green leafy vegetables.

growth hormone

I need more articles and blogs please post soon.

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