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God bless America, Melia, Chyna, and all CF gals, them ladies is soopa FINE!

Diane Sanfilippo

I love seeing posts like this written by men. We, as women, can say it as much as we like- that strong is sexy- but sometimes it just sounds better when we hear it from the dudes too!

Thanks for this. And thanks for the coaching today. I am on my way to a 200# Back Squat! WOOT!

Diane @ Balanced Bites


The real scary thing to consider: What if these bad ass CrossFit women become zombies... =O....then we are all screwed!!!!!


yikes! Good Point Rita

Diane Sanfilippo

I'd be psyched if I turned into a ZOMBIE! :) WOOT!

Diane @ Balanced Bites


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I have to say that I adore your blog, I love how you always write loads in each post and it seems like you really put time and effort into every post. So much better than people who just post pictures simply to make sure they are posting regularaly.

Sara Marie James

Wow! This post is super-inspiring. I need to get to the gym. I would love to be built like these women. I'm almost at the point where I want to take all my mirrors down. Gotta get my butt in gear! Thanks!

Alan Bryce

Its amazing how much a little determination can take you. The movie star put on the muscle pretty quick.

Alan Bryce

I love hardcore tough female actresses. One name comes to mind while reading this article, Michelle Rodriguez...


I love reading and seeing pictures of strong, healthy in shape women. Very inspiring. Motivates me to continue to exercise. Thanks.

Jenna Riley

It just goes to show you if you have the determintaion anyone can get fit and build up muscle. Very inpiring!

Natural whey protein

Extremely inspirational for all women. I like tough & strong women.

Ed East

What an interesting post, we all know that women will run the world quite soon. Check out our writer Ed Rivero who will be writing about Zombies tomorrow. your source for movies, music, fashion, art, culture and more for you created by you.


Just stumbled across this amazing site!! Yes, thank you for the great words and inspiration!!


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